5 Reasons to Choose Royale Touche Decorative Laminates for Your Luxury Kitchen Cabinets


In today’s interior décor, it’s hard to think of any design without the usage of laminates. This surfacing material has proven itself to be a durable and reliable surfacing solution that also happens to be most elegant in beautifying interiors. Besides, laminates are now equipped with features like antibacterial and antiviral protection as well as they come with hydro repellent finishes and high abrasion resistance that makes them ideal for kitchens. With state-of-the-art technology, Royale Touche offers premium decorative laminates that are elegant in design and tough in quality, specially made for kitchen space. 

If you are searching for the best surfacing material for kitchen areas, here are the reasons that tell why decorative laminate sheets are best for fulfilling your requirements. 

Low heat conduction

It needs to be understood that decorative laminates are high-pressure laminates that are known for their conductivity of heat, something that is very important in a kitchen. When it comes to ensuring safety, installing decorative laminates would be the wise thing to do as they are ideal for places where temperature levels remain high. This will prevent the surface from becoming warm and remain normal all the time. These laminates are also preferred in the colder atmosphere because it keeps them at standard temperature all the time. 

High durability

Another major reason why decorative laminate is preferred in kitchen areas is its high durability that ensures the protection of furniture elements for many years. First of all, these laminates are scratch-resistant, moisture-proof as well as they are easy to clean. Needless to say, the kitchen is the most active area in a home. Also, the place that receives the highest footfall. In such scenarios, it is essential to make sure that it stays spotless and hygienic all the time. They are manufactured with extra layers of plastic sheets that make them waterproof. In other words, it is humidity and moisture-proof for areas that are exposed to such an atmosphere. 

The kitchen countertops are usually made of porous materials like granite and quartz that are highly susceptible to bacterial and fungal growth because of the consistent exposure to moisture. However, Royale Touche decorative laminates sheets are made of non-porous sheets that make them moisture-proof and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus. 

Aesthetic appealing

Decorative laminates can be used for a wide range of applications. Not only because they are protective, but also, they are aesthetically appealing too. You can use these laminates on wall panels, cupboard doors, countertops as well as on other furniture elements that you find right. 

If you are searching for the best laminate brand in India, Royale Touche laminates is what you need for your kitchen decor. They use advanced printing technology to manufacture various types of kitchen laminates with beautiful patterns and lines that offer incredible aesthetic appeal. 

Easy Installation

Decorative laminate sheets can be installed easily without going through a lot of hassle or effort. Moreover, it does not take a huge time to install them into furniture pieces. It’s a hassle-free surfacing solution that requires simple sanding before installation. You can also install them yourself by considering it a fun DIY project or hire a professional for getting the job done. 

Kitchen Applications of Decorative Laminates

Decorative laminates can be used in various parts of the kitchen’s design in the most elegant way. In actuality, you can do a complete transformation of the colour scheme and décor style of the kitchen by installing decorative laminates. Given below are some of the popular applications of decorative laminates. 


  • Countertops


One of the most obvious applications for decorative laminates is kitchen countertops. When it comes to decorative laminates, they are very popular because of their aesthetic appeal and durability. If you explore Royale Touche laminates catalogue, you will find amazing decorative laminates featuring stone and wood patterns to abstract designs that provide your countertops a stunning appearance and complement the overall décor simultaneously. 

Decorative laminates have an ultra-smooth surface that allows wiping away any stains in a matter of seconds, something that is not possible in stone countertops. 


  • Kitchen Cabinets


It goes without saying that interior décor trends are always changing. A few years back, dark brown cabinets ruled the game which was followed by white cabinets. Now modern designs are dominating the trend. Luckily, decorative laminates are always supportive when it comes to matching changing trends. Laminates catalogues are always updated and homeowners can pick laminates from the store according to their desires and needs. 

On an ending note, you need to find the laminate that defines your taste and style. It is the basic step to identifying the right laminate for your kitchen space. With Royale Touche premium kitchen laminates, adding grace and sophistication to kitchen décor is as effortless as it can be.  

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