Comic e-book

Comic e-book

Comic books in digital format are called comic-e-book. It is an encyclopedia that covers all kinds of digital versions of print titles like Green Lantern and genuine digital titles like Avenger: Back to Basics. Everyone can enjoy digital comic books from a PC, tablet, or smartphone. 

DC, image, marvel, and many titles from other publishers like Dynamite, Boom, and IDW, Alterna are the books from the big shot. Rigidly, comic books are not at all superhero-based but also super-powered, slobber knocker is the prominent title of the comic-e-book industry.

Comic-e-books are something for everyone because it also shares science, fiction, horror, mystery, and some other life flavor stories.  You are in the right place if looking for the recommendation of comic-e-books. Unexpectedly, there are some techie digital comic books by ranking to the staff of PCMag reader have to tap for recommendations. Below suggestive titles are not rigidly the great comics in the market.

Readers must check Fron Ink to iPad: The Evolution of the Modern Comic Book if they are curious about how comic books are compelling in the current era.

  • Batman: Curse of the White Knight

This is the narrator Sean Gordon Murphy’s critically peruse approved Batman: White Knight. In the series of DC Black Label, the Joker returns to his ruthless manner and rounds up Azrael to guide him under the secrete about the family of Wayne that runs deep in the history of Gotham dark. Curse of the White Knight is available at Amazon for $4.99.

  • Criminal:

This is available on Amazon and readers have to pay $1.99. Once again the team of Sean Philip and Ed Bruabaker strikes gold but this time it comes with the monthly series. A crime compendium prop in unique decades with different protagonists, a Criminal is a complex story of greed and lust.

  • Doomsday Clock:

A watchman is a classic miniseries of Alan Moore ad Dave Gibbon that is adhered to as one of the defining moments of the comic book. It is a 12 issues sequel of Watchmen written by Geoff and artist Gary Frank does the unimaginable: ongoing apocalyptic paranoia of Watchmen, in the meantime, stretching the character of the series into the mainline DC Universe in the same manner as a super-powered is set to world war. Doomsday Clock is available at Amazon and the price is $4.99.

  • History of the Marvel Universe:

It is continuous Marvel Comics celebrating the 80th anniversary of Marvel Comics #1. Mark and Mike O’Sullivan written the six-issue limited series, sees Galactus and Franklin Richards as two surviving lives in the universe. Both of them were waiting for the new birth of the universe.

Galactus associates Franklin the history of the universe that also includes the visitations by The Celestials the rise of mutants, Steve Rogers ingesting the super more solid Serum, and other unforgettable memories of Marvel along with some upcoming revelations; to Javier Rodriguez handles the art. History of the Marvel Universe is available on Amazon and the price is $1.99.

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