Why I Can’t Follow Users on Instagram

Can't Follow Users on Instagram

The followers and following are some of the most vital aspects of the Insta experience. Personal and business profile looking for women to increase their comments, Liking, shareable data, and others. Some brands even buy active instagram followers uk to rank their accounts. Sometimes the followers you purchased cannot follow your accounts, or you cannot follow them back. It is a frustrating situation that can cost your work a lot. If you face issues using Insta that stop you from tracking, posting, or Liking, you need to read this blog.

Instagram Algorithms

Indeed it isn’t enjoyable to follow the many people who follow you back and Insta stop. You must be thinking at times, why am I unable to follow the people, or has that person blocked me? It is not because that individual has restricted you, but Instagram has blocked you, but it raises the question. Why is it so? It is because of the following reasons:

  •  too many people at the same time are trying to follow you
  •  you are following too many pages at once.

If anything is like this, you may receive a notification from the Insta team about this action. Insta is getting popular in current years, branding from business profile rose two folds. Many names try to reach the audience simultaneously, and it makes Instagram authority to upgrade the algorithms.


Hence, in 2018, Insta has released a new update to secure the profile from spamming people with marketing. So it may look like there is no need to buy real instagram followers uk because your account may face issues. But it is best to hire a suitable digital marketing firm who knows the works like the back of their hand.

Reason You cannot follow the Instagram Profiles.

Hence, many Insta users complained that their actions are restricted on the application such as:

  • unable to like
  • not follow the users or other profile

If you are among those who face problems in following the pages, you are in the right place. Here you will find all about them in great detail.

How would you know Insta has Blocked you?

So the best man to find this is to make several people follow your profiles. If they are unable to perform this action, then there are some issues. If the problem is to a specific individual, the chances are that they have restricted you. If you follow someone on the account and get the text temporarily blocked, you cannot use the feature.

Why you are unable to follow the accounts on Instagram

You spend thousands of dollars to buy instagram followers uk but are unable to get benefits from them. The chances are meager that there is some issue with the app, and you can fix it by upgrading the application. So the bug is not the typical reason, but the following are.

Following several people at the same time

Here comes another reason that shows why you cannot follow the accounts. It is because you may observe many accounts in a short period. The average limit to follow the profile is 160 persons per and once you exceed that limit, Insta will restrict you.

How to resolve the issues? You have to stop following the users for hours, so Insta thinks you are not spamming other profiles. Another reason why Insya never allows you to follow the person is because your Insta account is not much old. If you have just created the account, wait for some time and follow the other profile.

Are not you using Bots?

Are you using then bots that unfollow and follow the person in a short period? If yes, then you need to stop this right away because you are violating Insta TOS. If you use the bot too fast, Insta will trace it and ban your count from following. So, if you are performing specific actions instantly, Insta takes you as a BOT. It’s best to hire a professional digital marketing firm who knows the job than buy cheap instagram followers uk for branding.

Comment and Liking too Much

So here comes the last reason that makes Instagram restrict you from following another person’s account. It may be because of excessive Liking or commenting on their post that may look spam to the Insta algorithms. Here the Liking and the sharing is not linked to the following, but it appears as a bot. So Insta restricts you from following.

Have you hit the limit of the following?

Instagram has set the limit to follow the accounts. Once you hit that level, you are unable to follow your profile. You can like around 7,500 pages, and you cannot follow more until you unfollow the previous ones.

Several People using the same Insta Account

Sometimes many people use the same profile, then Instagram bans you from following other accounts. It is because by doing this, you are violating the Insta TOS. So first, make another log out from your profile, wait for some hours, and try to like other pages and follow accounts.

When do you start following the accounts again?

Usually, Insta blocks the person for 2 hours when you valuable the TOS, but it can be more than two hours. So do not be shocked because Insta decides for who long you are banned from availing following features.


So, now you have an idea why Instagram blocks you from following other profiles. If you hire a digital marketing firm to buy followers uk then look for the reliable one. They know how to deal with the bans and in what managers you get likes, comments, followers on the post.

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