7 Useful Gifts for New Moms

Useful Gifts

Being a new mom is tough, no matter if it’s your first baby or fourth. The months after your baby is born are filled with hectic chaos and the newborn’s cries. That is why new moms need pampering and essentials that can help make their life slightly easier at this time in their life.

If you know someone in your family or friend circle who has just become a mom and wants to make their life easier, then we might want to check our list of things a new mom needs. 

1. Comfortable Clothes

Useful Gifts

Comfortable clothes top the list of gifts that you can give to a new parent. Between feeding time and cleaning the poop, they tend to ignore their appearance and resort to wearing old and ragged T-shirts or trousers. But the new parent does not have to look miserable.

Instead, you can give them a pair or two of comfy loungewear that is cute enough that they feel confident to greet their guests and also reasonably soft that you can do home chores and snuggle on the sofa with your baby. 

2. Baby Stroller Wagon

Useful Gifts


A baby stroller wagon is an ideal gift for both the baby and a new parent. The grocery runs can be tiring and overwhelming with a baby carrier. In contrast, a baby stroller wagon is a perfect gadget that can help parents take the baby out without hurting his comfort.

That makes the Baby strollers, especially the Wonderfold stroller wagon, an excellent and thoughtful present for a new mom. It’s loaded with features like extra space, and UPF rated shade to protect your baby from harmful UV rays.  

The beautiful stroller wagon has space for more than one kid. The comfy seats can accommodate four passengers at a time. It also has a space where the mom can place the baby’s diaper bag and attach their favorite toys. 

3. Hair Care

Useful Gifts

The few months (or can we say a few years) after a child is born is the toughest for a new mom. They only get their “me-time” in the shower, and that too for a few minutes. If you want to spoil a new mom in your friend or family and have a limited budget.

We suggest you give them some hair care products. Most new moms struggle with postpartum symptoms such as hair fall and dryness. For them, a hair care kit is a blessing in disguise because they won’t have time to buy one for themself. 

4. Robotic Vacuu

Useful Gifts

Cleaning the house while carrying a newborn or a few months old baby is hard. Even regular vacuums are not much help because they will have to be pushed around the whole house. So if you are in search of the perfect gift for your best friend or sister who just gave birth to a baby, then you should give them a robotic vacuum.

The coolest thing about this cleaning device is it does not need to be pushed around the house. Just turn it on, push back on the sofa, and relax because it is gonna do its job without supervision. 

5. Breast Pump

Useful Gifts

A breast pump is a great gift for a nursing mom. Breast pumps are incredible when nursing moms just need some break from the chaotic life after a baby or when they are busy, and the little one is hungry. If the nursing mom has a breast pump, they can pump and conveniently store the milk for a few hours in the fridge and feed the baby later, or someone else can do it. 

6. Postpartum Care Kit

A postpartum care kit is one of the best gifts you can give to a new parent. Most new moms suffer from postpartum depression or PPD in one way or another. So, a basket or bag filled with nursing essentials and care products such as nursing pads, nipple cream, witch hazel toner, lotion, hand cream, earplugs, eye mask, and a bath kit is the ultimate postpartum care kit. 

7. A Supporting Hand

In our opinion, a helping hand is the best gift you can give to the new parent. Sometimes, your loved one does not need expensive gifts but needs a shoulder to rely on. Consider offering a helping hand to new parents, especially at the time of holidays or weekends. Offer them to do their laundry or grocery. Help them in cleaning the house or in cooking the meals. 

Other Essential Items

If you are still unsure about what to give to your loved one who just becomes a mom, then we have other essential items that you can choose from: 

  • Car seat
  • Heating pads
  • Baby Carrier 
  • Breastfeeding kit
  • Skincare products
  • Bath bombs
  • Bath lotions and shower gel 
  • Perfumes 
  • A gift voucher to a spa 
  • Stylish diaper bag
  • Food delivery vouchers
  • Photo album 
  • Cute wallet 
  • A planner 
  • Ready-made meal 
  • Snacks
  • Chocolates

Final Words

All in all, the new parent will thank you just for your small act of kindness and thoughtfulness. The period after a baby is born is so overwhelming, especially for a new mom that they need all the love and pampering sessions they can get. So a gift, even if it’s small, can be enough to take some burden off her shoulder and can help her relax a little bit. 

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