Benefits of a Retractable Roof System

Roof System

Roofing solutions have come a long way, offering a variety of materials, designs, and functions for your outdoor area. A retractable roof system is one of the most popular among homeowners and commercial buildings as a practical, user-friendly, and elegant solution.

This is an automated system consisting of a canopy made from PVC fabric, aluminum, or other material which stretches out or retracts at the press of a button. While it may sound expensive, this is a good investment that will bring important benefits and comfort to your home. Here are some of them.

A year-round protection

Usually, people use their outdoor areas when the weather is just right — not too much sun, no rain or snow. This limits the periods you can spend outside even though you have put quite an effort into outdoor furniture, landscaping, and gardening.  However, a retractable roof offers an opportunity to use your exterior space as much as possible, regardless of the season.

For example, during summer, it can provide shade and a cool area to hang out, while in the autumn you can enjoy the view of the rainy day. It can even be useful in the winter when you can add plastic walls and an outdoor heater, making the space functional during cold and snowy days.

Added flexibility

Being comfortable means you have a certain level of flexibility in your space. A retractable roof allows you to control the environment in your outdoor space. You can retract it during the night to watch the stars, or open it partially to let in the sunlight. This way, instead of weather dictating how you will use your exterior, you have control to take advantage of it as you see fit.

Good for big and small exteriors

A retractable roof system doesn’t limit your possibilities concerning the size of your outdoor area. Small or big, your patio, balcony, or deck can still have this type of roof. For example, you can add lots of cushions and string lights to a tiny spot and install a retractable roof. In a matter of seconds, it will turn into a reading nook, leisure space, or a romantic getaway spot for you and your partner.

Easy control

Most users are worried that a motorized system means complicated instructions that can easily be malfunctioned. But, technology has gone a long way and today’s remotes are user-friendly and easy to understand. Retractable roofs are controlled remotely with a button that opens and closes the canopy. If you want to add another touch of luxury, you can install sensors for sun and wind that will automatically control your retractable roof.

Bigger living space

By installing a retractable roof system, you can expand your living room outside and add more functional space to your home. This is a great option if you like to entertain a large number of guests or spend more time in your outdoor living room. It’s even possible to match the retractable roof to the existing décor, making the transition from interior to exterior less obvious.

Some manufacturers offer custom-built retractable systems that can fulfill special requirements or style ideas of the homeowners. It goes well with blinds, like UV woven mash that will protect you from annoying mosquitoes and other insects in the summer.

Environmentally friendly

Contemporary users want to be more environmentally responsible, so a retractable roof is a wonderful idea to support a sustainable way of life. It can serve as insulation against cold and hot weather so you don’t have to use HVAC as much as before, or at all. Not only will this lower your heating and cooling costs, but also reduce CFC and HFC gas emissions that affect the ozone layer.

Moreover, gutters are optional add-ons that can help you collect rainwater and use it to water the plants. It can make all the difference in the summer, during drought, especially if you have a vegetable garden.

Equipped with lights

Depending on the model you choose, some retractable roofs come with an in-built lighting system. This convenient feature may be worth paying extra for since you will be getting a whole new room for the price of lights. Furthermore, this add-on may be a handy solution since you can keep the lights on in the evenings as a security measure.

Increased value of your home

Even though you are not planning to sell your home right now, you may decide to do it one day. A retractable roof can increase the value of your property by creating an additional living space. It will change the appearance of your house, giving it a more luxurious and stylish appeal. After all, the flexibility and freedom of space the retractable roof offers can be why buyers are willing to pay more.

All in all

As you can see, the benefits of a retractable roof system are worth having one install for your outdoor space. But don’t stop there! Pick an add-on, come up with décor, and turn this space into an extension of your home that you can use throughout the year, rain or snow.


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