Top 5 courses to crack CompTIA PenTest+ Certification Exam- best of lot

CompTIA PenTest


The top 5 courses are: –

  1. The CompTIA Pen Test+ (ethical hacking) course and practice exam: –

You always need CompTIA Pen Test+ Certification knowledge on that topic before you jump into the official exam

And the course offers you:

  • To gather the information and vulnerabilities
  • How to exploit the vulnerable system
  • Creation of report about the vulnerable system
  1. Ethical Hacking and CompTIA pen test and free test: –

The other courses on that will learn about the course to enhance and test your skills and knowledge to become an ethical hacker.

You will learn about: –

  • Linux and Metasploit
  • Exploit the system and create report
  • Two practice exams to test your skills.

You will see the requirement before completing your Pen Test as a legal compliance and what kind of vulnerable test before going to the version. The software installed on it and you also take advantage to create the penetration test for the report of your organisation.

  1. Laying the foundation for penetration testing for CompTIA PenTest+: –

If you have some hacking skills like Metasploit, crack password using some simple technique but you want to be officially pen tester but you don’t know from where to start then this course is made for you.

Some concepts are related to this course like: To benefits behind it then moving to the tools used to do vulnerabilities scanning social engineer attacks fi set up your environment to install your virtual target and extra concepts.

You will learn about:

  • The tools which is used in hacking
  • Plan about the industrial engagement
  • To setting up of your virtual basics
  1. CompTIA PenTest exam (PTO- 001) practice questions; —

May you have to learn CompTIA PenTest+ Certification through many resources like YouTube, Udemy etc. Whatever the resource you like to use, to validate your skills and knowledge. You will get type of practice tests each one has eighty-five questions that will test your knowledge. The preparation of exam related to:

  • Practice test paper validation
  • Take around 170 questions exam
  • To increase your knowledge and skills
  1. Practice CompTIA PenTest+ exam ,340 questions PTO -001: –

The last but not the least suggestion is a practice course thatches armoury 340 questions to test and enhance your skill power and official exam.

You will learn about: –

  • Take around 340 questions
  • Test your knowledge on many topics
  • Enhance your skill power

That’s all about the best online courses and practices papers to pass the CompTIA PenTest+ Certification.

CompTIA PenTest+ Certification

In the certification process you will have to fulfil these notes:

  • Study of key aspects of assessment
  • Information gathering of identification
  • To study the application and technology
  • Explain the date of reporting and communication
  • To study about the hacking power and security exploitation

CompTIA PenTest+ Training:

  • To study the system level of tools ,technology and save the data for your industry.
  • To study the private issues of cloud areas
  • To study the huge knowledge of cyber security system with investigator and auditor

CompTIA PenTest+ Course

In this course you learn about the foundational and advanced security level skill of courses. This includes with the CompTIA security.

  • Focus on the IT sector and the system of enterprises. It also secures the master framework.
  • To understand the study of architecture of system protocols in depth

Online Training

In the online trading there are many overviews for that:

  • Placement guarantee assurance
  • Career support and mock test etc
  • Case study and projects
  • Having smart and skilled managers
  • Certification in data of learning
  • Study about cybersecurity and experts

Online course

You will learn about:


  • The hacking power videos
  • Starting level of zero up to high level
  • Installation of lab and software

To understand the website work and web application protocols

Learn the basic topic of Linux




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