Decorate the bathroom with the rustic-industrial style

Decorate the bathroom with the rustic-industrial style

The fusion of styles is a decoration resource that gives rise to spectacular spaces. It is in the mix where new decoration ideas can arise, which have not been seen before and which make our bathroom acquire its own personality. Today, in our blog, we are going to talk about a combination of styles that we love: decorating the bathroom with the rustic-industrial style

The fusion between the industrial and the rustic atmosphere is here to stay. In fact, more and more interior designers cannot resist joining this trend. In the mixture of these two styles, new decorative pieces and spaces with their own character emerge, and all this thanks to the fusion of colors, textures and accessories.

Now, in the bathroom, it is important to give an original touch to the decoration, that it is elegant and that it is adapted to our tastes. But it is also very important that the bathroom is a practical space. For that reason, we wanted to bring you the perfect mix between rustic decoration and industrial style, with practical and design ideas that are setting trends at this time.

Merging two types of decoration means generating a double personality in the bathroom

Decorate the bathroom with flooring that has rustic nuances

Let’s first focus on the bathroom floor. It is essential to opt for floors with tones and textures that imitate wood in a certain way. Brown, beige, tan … Warm colors where other resources of other styles do not appear, such as geometric motifs or white colors. These floors, by imitating wood, acquire a forceful presence in the decoration, which avoids creating a cold environment. It helps to create a cozy environment and not only that, they provide usefulness by being very easy to clean.

Imitation wood floors can be accompanied by bathroom rugs in soft tones such as sand. And if we want to give it a functional and design touch, this rug will be perfect if we place it on a towel rail in a matte black finish from the POINT collection . This finish is widely used in the industrial style as it is reminiscent of the forging of industrial warehouses, which creates this fusion between the two types of decoration we are talking about.

Wood in the furniture to merge both styles

Wood in the rustic environment is the main identifying element of this type of decoration. Therefore, in a rustic industrial bathroom it must have a considerable weight. Introducing wood into bathroom furniture, such as in the sink area, is the most appropriate for this decoration. It is very characteristic that the wood is found in the drawers of the sink, in the frames of the mirrors, in the bathroom stools or even in the lamps. All this to achieve that vintage and warm point that we are looking for. The wood is perfectly complemented by the matte black color accessories that are close to the sink area, such as the toothbrush holder and the wall-mounted soap dish from the POINT collection. Small black details that, combined with the white ceramic of a freestanding bathtub, will give rise to a magical and sophisticated bathroom.

Decorate the bathroom with the rustic-industrial style through the details

Introduce elements that are present in both rustic decoration and industrial style. Wooden pallets with which to create furniture in your bathroom, such as a radiator cover.

You can also expose pipes in dark tones to create the feeling of industrial but which, in turn, perfectly match the wood of the rustic, thus you will achieve a unique look and personality. All these details will blend perfectly with the POINT collection accessories, which, thanks to their matte black finish, will create the innovation that characterizes the environment in general.

As we have mentioned before, playing with colors, elements and furniture, we can create unique and memorable spaces. And thanks to the fusion of industrial or floor safety auditing and inspection style with rustic decoration, making the bathroom special will be much easier.

Innovating and taking risks for a fusion of environments each day takes more strength, with a greater number of people who bet on it.

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