Which is the best: Top loading or front loading washing machine?

The debate between top load and front load washing machines has been on-going for years. Both these variants bring their specific features and perks, creating confusions for consumers in choosing the suitable appliance type. Moreover, quality products like Samsung front load washing machines come with a higher price tag raising a question of affordability too. 

While you can easily convert big-ticket products into manageable EMIs for increased affordability, the choice of a product must suit your requirements. So, here’s a quick comparison to help you select a suitable choice of washing machine variant.

Choosing the best between front load and top load – A guide

Besides wash quality, there are several other factors to consider when buying a suitable washing machine.


  • The difference in design


The primary difference between the two types is their door positions designed for user convenience. In a top loading machine, the door is placed on its uppermost face, allowing you to drop in clothes without the need to bend. It is ideal for users dealing with joint issues or those in their advanced ages. 

In a front loading variant, the door design remains such that it requires you to bend down to load or unload clothes. Here, the choice depends on your preference as per your requirement. You may visit this website if you are looking for Sudbury Homes for Sale.

  • The convenience factor

Considering the door position, a top load washing machine is more convenient simply because you need not bend to drop any cloth inside. Additionally, this design enables you to put in more clothes during a wash cycle, whereas a front loading washing machine would need you to wait until another cycle begins. Here, the top loading variant ranks high in terms of convenience of doing laundry. 


  • Speed of the wash cycle 


Owing to the design and build of front load models, clothes remain half-immersed in water inside. However, those in top loading wash variants remain completely immersed, thus speeding up wash cycles comparatively.


  • Cleaning capacity


Cleaning capacity of models like Samsung front load washing machines is much better than the top loading ones. Front loaders can easily wash larger cloth pieces like comforters, bed sheets, pillows, etc. as they remain half-immersed in water and are gentler. Contrarily, top loaders perform better with smaller items but can be rougher, resulting in fabric damage. 


  • Water extraction and spin speed


Compared to top load washers, the front loading variants come with a 33% faster spin speed and water extraction power. It enables maximum water rinsing from the clothes before drying. If you use a dryer, this feature helps in faster drying and reduces heaviness while transferring between the units. Check the revolutions per minute before deciding, higher RPM signifies the enhanced quality of spin.


  • Affordability 


In terms of affordability, front loading machines are costlier than top loaders considering their better cleaning capacity, less power consumption, and minimum water usage. Here, front load washers can be the right option as they offer cost-efficiency. 

Easy instalments to make appliance purchase affordable

Browse for the best of washing machine model variants like Samsung front load washing machines or top loaders from prominent brands sold by various shopping partners in the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

If your preferred model comes with a higher price tag, opt for financing tools like the Bajaj Finserv EMI Card to covert your purchases into monthly instalments. You can choose to pay off the EMIs over a flexible tenure of 3 to 24 months. 

In-store financing is also available for consumers who don’t possess a card. As you visit one of the 1 lakh+ partner stores spread across 1,900 places in India, approach a representative and hand over a few essential papers like KYC documents and a cancelled cheque to avail membership for further purchase.

Additionally, you can avail pre-approved offers which make the credit availing process simplified and less time-consuming. These offers are available on a variety of financial products, including personal loans, credit cards, etc. Submit your name and phone number to check your pre-approved offer instantly.

While financing is no more a worry, choose a top loading or a front loading washing machine depending on their features and your preference. Considering factors like spin efficiency and cleaning capacity, a front loader can be better compared to a top loading model if financing is not a concern.

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