The Importance of Data Driven Communication Analytics

Effective communication can be the difference between a successful and a stagnating business. Companies that stand out and succeed employ communication analytics to streamline their communication process to guarantee effectiveness and timeliness. 

Firms that benefit the most from communication analytics go the extra mile to ensure that such analytics are data-driven. As such, data-driven communication analytics are fundamental to the workplace. Employing an ideal mix of science and business principles to enhance communication does this.

Delivers Accurate Insights

The importance of data-driven information is now clearer than ever. Its relevance has escalated over the last few years as more organizations have realized the importance of decision-making decisions based on data-driven evidence. 

Fundamentally, data is a gold mine into which any business focused on success should tap. It can more accurately inform strategies companies implement to foster customer experiences, introduce products and services and maximize returns. Ultimately, the effective analysis of data can provide valuable insights as to where a firm needs improvement.

Better Informed Communications 

As companies prepare to make major announcements, refresh branding, hire new executives, or discuss quarterly performance with investors, it is crucial to nail the messaging. Unfortunately though, legacy evaluation tools such as  these communications—focus groups, A/B testing, surveys, etc. have proven too subjective, which can lead to mistaken impressions. Relying upon data-driven communication analytics eliminates the guesswork in these areas, giving the corporate communication team the capability to craft the exact message it needs to convey efficiently and consistently.

More Strategic Focus

When a firm uses data in its communications analytics, it understands who a message reaches and the best platform to use. For instance, in today’s digital age, some organizations use websites and social media platforms to reach their clients and targeted employees. Analyzing such communication based on data allows the firm to understand the best platform to reach different audiences.

For example, one can use web analytics derived from sources such as Google Analytics to more narrowly focus offerings to ensure visitors to their websites find precisely what they are looking for. As such, a smart organization not only understands the importance of data-derived communication analytics. It also identifies communication times and options that work best and design communication based on the same.

Another example is the use of click-through rates. Data derived from learning how many email messages are read from the total sent provides insightful information. These successful messages — and their packaging — can be analyzed to determine what makes them so attractive. The findings can then be applied to subsequent missives.

Stronger Marketing Communications

Every organization needs to be heard and seen to survive. Data driven communication analytics empower firms to consistently deliver customized messages and services of which their target market will be appreciative. Thoroughly analyzing client, target audience, and subscriber communication behaviors makes this possible. 

Campaigns based upon the findings of these analyses will reach more people and be more effective compared to campaigns based on general knowledge and assumptions of what customers might need. This leads to more ready acceptance by those individuals, who can then be converted to paying customers. As a result, these firms consistently enjoy stronger revenues once they recognize the importance of data-derived communication analytics and act upon the findings it delivers.

Simply put, the importance of this type of an approach to an organization’s growth is difficult to overstate. Data-driven communications analytics ensure companies develop communication strategies and implement decisions based upon reliable evidence rather than hopeful guesswork.

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