The Best Vintage Fonts to Enhance Your Graphics

The Best Vintage Fonts to Enhance Your Graphics

How to choose the best vintage fonts to give a retro touch to your graphics? Your goal is to convey that feeling of time travel to people without sacrificing legibility and a pinch of elegance.

However, finding the right typeface for a design project isn’t that easy. A misstep, for example, a reading that is too complex is enough to push the user to leave.

Typography is only a small portion of your work but it is essential to express identity, a certain type of values ​​and ideals.

And if you have decided to use ’60s or’ 70s typefaces, the matter becomes more complicated. The reason? They have a strong visual impact and recall memories linked to specific elements: a film, a commercial, a magazine or a famous club of that period.

All aspects towards which people develop an emotional bond. A wrong font can destroy – even for a moment – these representations and negatively affect your communication.

If, on the other hand, you can select the best vintage fonts to enhance your graphics, you will be able to stand out.

How about finding out more? Here is a list of retro writing fonts that can help you clear your head.

Vintage Carousel Font

Among the best vintage 50s fonts. It was created by UnioCS, a team of web designers based in the province of Bari. Carosello Vintage Font communicates authenticity, that typical of handwriting.

Indeed, this is the impression it conveys. At your disposal you will have the uppercase and lowercase alphabet.

But not only. You can also take advantage of many types of glyphs to make your creation detailed and enrich it. I bet you have a sudden desire to create your own company logo, right?

Saturday Night Font Family: 70s fonts

Among the vintage fonts to download, I want to suggest the Saturday Night family which, in style, recalls 70s disco music.

With this option you will experience 7 retro fonts full of special features and more. The typeface in question is ideal for personalizing titles, logos and quotes.

One more thing: Saturday Night Font Family is available in the pro version.

Font Lazer 84: return to the timeless 80s

Among the best vintage fonts for design, Lazer 84 is one of the most loved. It is perfect if you are working on a retro project that wants to evoke an eighties style atmosphere. In fact, it is no coincidence that you remember the advertising billboards of the time.

It is a fluo-looking and cute brush font. Also, it includes numbers, symbols and accents. This 80s font is free and was created by Juan Hodgson.

Canter: one of the best condensed retro fonts

The Font Center was born from the inspiration of the New York designer Christopher J. Lee. It is original and elegant: it has a typeface with full letters and other empty ones.

It will remind you of the headlines of the first half of the twentieth century because it is all capitalized. Center is one of the vintage typefaces to choose if you want to give your headlines and posters a nostalgic look. You can download it for free on the Behance platform.

Southwestern Handmade Font Bundle

With this pack of retro typefaces, you will be catapulted into an Old West atmosphere. Here you will find all the fonts designed by Coffman Design.

The fonts are striking at first sight. They are characterized by a raw and sharp style. They look like they are made of wrought iron. Other characters are inspired, however, by ancient Mexican paintings.

The box with the Far West fonts is available in the pro version.

Pompadour Numerals

Pompadour Numerals deserves a mention in this list of the best vintage fonts. And it should also be counted among the particular typefaces. What is its uniqueness? It is a numerical font that recalls the Rockabilly era of the 1950s.

In fact, remember the codes printed next to the buttons on jukeboxes. I advise you to use large numbers. This retro font is paid.

Lichtspiele: vintage cursive font

Are you looking for vintage cursive fonts? You can test Lichtspiele. Take a journey through time to the beginning of the 20th century with this typeface. You will relive the magic of neon lights and illuminated letters that graced the facades of cinemas.

Of the five styles available, three have two versions of italics: the left-leaning one that pushes the eye down to the left then there’s the right-hand italics. In this case, the eyes tend to go down to the right. the Lichtspiele font is in the pro version.

The best vintage fonts: your experience

In this small list I have suggested the best vintage typefaces for your design projects.

Where can you find vintage fonts online? There are several sites where you can also download them for free. Check out Dafont and Behance.

Now I leave the word to you. What are the best vintage fonts for my website like Weboost 472154?

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