SEO and SMM: Two Strong Pillars of Modern Marketing Strategy


In the era of internet domination, most consumers first use search engines to search for products or services, of which over 90% of users use the Google search engine. SEO is now becoming the responsibility of any company looking to gain a significant competitive advantage. Therefore, it is worth ensuring high visibility in the search results, which will not only increase the generated traffic – and thus attract potential customers and affect the company’s profit – but also increase the recognition of the website and bring benefits in terms of image and advertising.

As you already know, many years of activity on the market is important, but not the most important. It often happens that an SEO agency has unquestionable experience in its industry. Before you decide to use the services of any company, find out if it has already dealt with promoting a business similar to yours. You will then be able to check the real effect of the work.

What is positioning in cooperation with an SEO agency?

Currently, practically every professionally operating SEO agency Sydney includes website positioning in its offer. Positioning itself is a series of activities aimed at the better promotion of a selected website. Examples of activities that are offered as part of website positioning include:

  • SEO audit – consisting in conducting research and reports whether the implemented changes bring tangible results;
  • Content marketing – an activity consisting in the appropriate selection of content on a selected website;
  • Link building – an activity consisting of selecting and setting links in such a way that they direct the largest possible number of new people directly to the website;
  • Website optimization – an activity consisting of, among others, the individual selection of selected keywords and key phrases in the name of the website. Its purpose is to attract more potential customers;

In internet marketing, Social Media Marketing is as important as SEO – advertising in the Google ecosystem. We live in the age of social media. Not only due to the dizzying pace of growth in the number if social media users, but also in the context of their growing position in the media mix.

How does SMM make sense?

More and more users on social networking sites declare their interest in the official profiles of brands or companies. Marketers are planning to increase budgets for social media activities in the coming years.

In the “age of the community”, it’s important to know what we really mean when we talk about marketing communication on social media. Due to its many advantages, social media marketing Sydney has become almost an integral part of the company’s attempt to enter today’s competitive market. When weighing the advantages and disadvantages of different marketing methods, think about all the time and money traditionally spent marketing your product or service and compare it to today’s social marketing costs for your business.

Participation is a major benefit of social media marketing. On the Internet, people are eager to participate in activities and blogs promoting your business. When your customers deal with your company or business, they not only think or care about your product but also about your business. Customer social involvement usually leads to increased customer satisfaction.

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