Why ultra slim laptops are way to the future

As remote work becomes the norm, business travellers will expect their laptops to have an array of features. Topping their wishlist will be a thin, light laptop with good battery life. 

While some of them might go for the best laptops under 50000, which are widely available today,  a lot of them wouldn’t be happy with a chunky device that only bogs them down further. And this will be one of the biggest reasons for ultra slim and portable laptops to become the order of the day in the near future. 


Business executives will want a thin and light-weight device that they can easily plonk in their bag, and carry from one meeting to another. They would like to maximize the time they have at the airport, from the departure lounge to the layover and baggage claim section, and this is where all these features truly come into play. Ultra slim laptops and portables will allow them to do so, and make the most of the investment in these devices. It will seal the deal on buying that highly expensive laptop as they can do a quick email session to lock a contract while sipping coffee before the take-off. 

Battery Life

Some of the Notebooks may lack the juice in terms of overall battery. In such cases you can add a secondary battery by replacing the CD/DVD drive. This sort of a battery is termed as ‘travel slice’. It helps you travel in peace without any worries about running out of charge. But the downside is that it adds to the laptop’s weight, compromising on one out of the three features that made you buy the device in the first place. However, over the next few years, this won’t be a problem as ‘all day computing’ will soon become commonplace, with addition of a few components by manufacturers. 


These machines also eliminate the need to have a tablet, as they fit snugly in your laptop bag. As these models become cheaper, one won’t have to worry about saving money, buying a laptop and getting a device that is thin and light, as the ultra slim laptops will check all these boxes. 

These machines will be useful for students and professionals as the portability feature will appeal to them as well. Additionally, engineers are working on integrating the touchscreen feature to these models, adding more value to the devices. What’s more is that these machines will have solid state drives (SSDs) as against the traditional hard drive, making them thinner and faster as well. 

Let us take a closer look at the latest HP laptop in the market, the HP Spectre x360. Falling into the luxury laptop segment, the HP Spectre model is nowhere close to being affordable. It has style and substance, as it measures just 13mm in thickness and weighs just 1.26 kilos. 

Powered by an Intel Core i7-7500U processor, and a 512GB solid state drive, this laptop assures you of amazing speed, and is truly a work-horse. It comes with a 13.3-inch display, but it ends up being a little reflective when the brightness is reduced. The laptop also boasts of 6 hours of battery life, and undoubtedly, it looks gorgeous. At the moment, this is one of the most expensive laptops in the market. 

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