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Grow Your Business with YouTube Influencers

youtube influencers

In this article, we will try to offer some useful information to those who want to grow their business by exploiting the popularity of YouTube influencers.

Before going into this topic, however, it is good to frame the situation and understand exactly what kind of reality we are dealing with.

Why do marketing with YouTube influencers

YouTube is one of the most popular social platforms in the world, thanks to over 2 billion active users every month.

This makes it a great opportunity for those brands that want to stand out and reach a wider audience.

However, the competition on YouTube today is really great, precisely because of the high number of videos that are uploaded every day (500 hours of videos every minute, just to give an idea).

It is therefore evident that for those starting from scratch it can be really difficult to emerge on YouTube, unless you are already a famous brand.

L ‘ influencer marketing can then be a good solution for small brands who want to gain visibility on the platform like Children books illustration.

In this case, however, when we talk about YouTube influencers we are not referring to influencers with millions of followers, but to all those who have a niche following, quantifiable in a few thousand “followers”, but very involved and passionate.

Why turn to less powerful and famous influencers, so to speak?

For the simple fact that if you are a small and little-known brand it is very difficult for a famous influencer to accept your proposal, both because they do not want to affect their prestige, and above all for a matter of budget.

3 steps to an influencer marketing strategy

So let’s see how to create a marketing strategy for your brand using YouTube influencers.

  • First you need to identify and define your goal well, that is what you intend to obtain from a collaboration of this type. It is always important in a marketing strategy to define your goals, but in this case it is even more so, as the choice of YouTube influencers to turn to depends on them.
  • The second step is to look for influencers. You don’t have to look so much at the number of followers but rather at the type of communication they adopt in interacting with fans, the values ​​they speak for and if above all if these are in line with those of your brand. You can do manual searches with the search engine or rely on specific tools.
  • Once you have identified the right YouTube influencers for your brand, you need to connect with them. Remember, these are usually creative and very vain people who are therefore kind of flattered if you want to get their attention. You must first establish a relationship of trust based on appreciation for their work. Only later can you try to propose a partnership.

If you can get him to cooperate, then most is done. It is simply a matter of entering into an agreement and then planning a strategy and then putting it into action. Remember that like any marketing strategy, even in this one you have to keep track of everything that happens in order to always have the pulse of the situation and understand if your campaign is performing or not.

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