How to make a Fuel Delivery App like Filld

fuel delivery app like filld

In this busy world, you can get everything at your doorstep with just a few clicks. It becomes easier to get every product and service that is delivered at your place using different on-demand delivery apps. The on-demand fuel delivery apps like Filled is one among them that is starting to gain its popularity. These services are not discovered much and it is a new niche. 

How does it work?

These app-based services help to get fuel or gas without visiting a fuel station, registration on, or downloading the app. You can get the fuel by just tapping a button to share your location on the app and request gas delivery. You can manually select the location or the app can tag your location. The in-build map on this app helps the fuel driver to navigate the tagged location. All safety regulations and compliances are taken into account while refueling the vehicle. You should avail of the different payment options or methods at the time of request for amount deduction. Before building an app for your service you have to look out at some of the prerequisites for starting a fuel delivery solution

Here is a list of prerequisites you should consider before creating a Fuel Delivery App like Filld.

Licenses and regulations

You should always be keeping yourself updated with the regulatory guidelines regarding your on-demand fuel delivery service. It is important to comply with all the necessary rules, regulations, and compliances since safety is the main issue for these kinds of app. 

Build the Fleet

The most important part of creating the prerequisites of the fuel delivery app is to build a fleet of fuel trucks. Make sure that the trucks are stick to the rules and regulations of safety compliances in your jurisdiction for on-site fueling. Ensure that the mobile fuel dispensing unit is installed in the mini trucks. To track your fleet and its activity you should install the GPS in the truck.

Hire Drivers

Hire trained professional drivers for Hazardous materials as safety regulations because the fuel vehicle becomes indispensable. These drivers are also trained to handle the hazardous materials and for driving safely in adjusting population density routes on road traffics. 

Collaborate with the fuel providers

Fuel supply is the most important part and you have to find the best source to get the fuel. It is essential to find the right fuel provider to make collaboration. Enough fleet will help you to make a deal with fuel delivery vehicle providers.

Software solutions

Once the prerequisites were integrated now it’s time for creating the software and the most important thing about the apps is the backend. Every software has an invisible part which is the backend. The compatible app and devices work as a single solution once the backend is developed. 

Features for on-demand fuel delivery app

The fully-featured app is playing a major role in the user experience. Now you have to build an app that helps the users by eliminating the need of going to the fuel station. The functionality of the app is the main feature you should consider while designing the app

Location-based GPS

The main purpose of this app is to deliver the fuel on demand and at the customer’s desired location like obscure areas. The most important feature that has to be included in the app is location-based GPS that allows the user to select the location where the vehicle is parked.

Select the type and quantity of fuel

You should provide the app with some of the features that allow the consumer to make customization in their demands. That includes features like selecting the type and quantity of fuel and the time when they want the fuel to deliver.  


For any on-demand delivery app, the payment is an important factor when it comes to design an app. Make sure to include various options of payment methods like cash on delivery, credit and debit card payment, internet banking, and e-wallets.

Real-time tracking

To track the delivery person and his location, the real-time delivery feature will help the users to know the expected time of delivery. It helps the customers to invest their time in some other tasks instead of incessantly waiting. 

In-app call and text

The In-app call and text feature integration will help your customer to contact the delivery person directly in order to know the expected time of delivery. Even the real-time tracking shows the fleet it helps to know the reason for the delay in case of traffic or any other instances.


The delivery app with the tab of promo codes is special and loved by the customers. Everyone likes to get coupons and deals on any services. The best factor to ensure the trust of your brand is by providing alluring offers like free delivery or monthly memberships that may attract more customers.

These are some of the things to consider when making a fuel delivery app like Filld.

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