10 Video Marketing Strategies You Probably Don’t Use

Video Marketing Strategies

The video marketing online is fashionable and more and more companies get customer loyalty thanks to its implementation.
But do we have enough resources to design a long-term video marketing strategy combining formulas that maintain customer interest?
In this article we tell you the 10 most used strategies in the American market, essential to practice powerful video marketing, and that you probably still do not use too much.

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1. Create tutorials

How-to videos are a basic that cannot be missing in your video marketing strategy.

Showing ways to use your products to make certain objects or services highlights the usefulness of your business and makes visitors understand much better what you do.

2. Collect testimonials

Internet sales work for the trust that the seller is capable of generating.
And the most credible message is one that can be offered by former customers who have bought the product and are satisfied.
In the mind of the potential client this thought will arise: “if he has done well and I have the same problem, maybe I should try it too.”

3. Record video-blogs

You could offer regular content on a blog, but it will be easier for the visitor to spend their time if you bet on a dynamic format such as video.
If you do not know what to talk about, think about specific topics within your niche and organize your videos into sections for each of them.

4. Show who you are

It has to do with sharing your personal story or that of your company.
Answer questions like: why did you decide to dedicate yourself to your activity? What were the origins of the company? What values do you identify with and what motivates you to keep going?

You must show all in your corporate video production in Dubai or in your personal video on the about me page.

5. Streaming

The live video like a lot to people who have subscribed to your newsletter or social networks.
You have tools like Google Hangouts, YouTube Live or Periscope at your disposal with which you can organize question and answer webinars or interviews with relevant people.
And if that were not enough, at the end of the live the video does not disappear, but can be hosted like any other.

6. Recycle user videos

Since the appearance of the Internet, hundreds of videos have gone viral.
Every day a huge amount of content is uploaded and many stand out for their originality and sense of humor.
This type of material incorporated into your video marketing strategy will be something fresh and striking those customers will appreciate.

7. Hire content creators

It is not unreasonable for companies to partner with Youtubers for their video marketing strategy, considering that those who do have millions of followers on their channels.
A content creator, in addition to linking his entire audience with your product, he is a creative person capable of devising new approaches for your videos, as well as communicating in a charismatic and attractive way.

8. Bet on the micro-video

Combining video marketing with platforms like Snapchat, Vine or Instagram is highly effective, especially if there are young people among your target.

These social networks allow you to host short videos (6 seconds on Vine, 15 seconds on Instagram) perfect for fast consumption in today’s world where time is scarce.

9. Post to Facebook

We do not mean to upload a video to a platform like YouTube and share it on Facebook, but to upload it directly to your page on this social network. And this is something that we have already talked about in different articles, since it multiplies by 3 the reach of your page.
Facebook has been betting on video and the proof is the large number of reproductions that videos from pages like Tasty get, about tasty recipes.

10. Transfer PowerPoint to videos

Reuse the presentations you’ve made at conferences quickly to create useful content.
You can use video editing programs capable of recording what you show on the screen.

Lights Camera action!

These 10 video marketing strategies are the ones that are working today in the USA. Take advantage of them! And if you do it right you will get a viral video marketing campaign.

Now you already have a range of resources to alternate different types of videos and in most without any investment other than some of your time.
Which one are you going to start with?

And remember that if you want a professional video that improves the image of your business, our audiovisual production company can help you, contact us and we will help you with your corporate video.

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