10 Tips to Improve the Performance of Your Event on Facebook

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Organic reach has decreased further and complaints are wasted now. Yes, that’s true, but it’s not an unrecoverable tragedy. This means that you have to act with strategy, you have to build even more attractive and solid content and you have to carefully use the tools that the Web and Social Networks, in particular, make available to you.

Among these, the events on Facebook, a means of communication sometimes underestimated, many others taken into due consideration but exploited badly. Here, how to create a successful indoor led display factory Facebook event? How to improve the performance of your event?

Below I suggest a list of tips and tricks that will surely come in handy.

How to create an event on Facebook 

Creating an event on Facebook is very simple. From the menu of your page click on Events, then on Create Event and start writing your content.

You will have to choose the privacy of the event, you will have to insert a cover image, choose the name of the event, the date, the time, the place and the description.

You can also indicate any co-organizers of the event and choose the category and keywords with which to make it traceable. But how to do all this effectively? Here are my tips. 

1. Public privacy or private privacy?

The choice depends on the audience your event is aimed at.

If you set privacy on the public you can enjoy greater visibility and make your content accessible to everyone; if you opt for the private setting, your event will be visible only to your friends.

2. The cover image

The cover image is probably the first content that your target will see, so it is very important that it is attractive and convincing, that intrigues and that gives an idea of ​​the content of the event.

In short, even the cover image must speak.

3. How should the description of the event be?

Exhaustive. Better if with a pinch of creativity, but what matters is that your description is in the first place exhaustive, that is, full of details and the right information, without however being redundant nor excessively long and detailed.

Do you know the right content rule written the right way? Here, it also applies to the description of your event.

4. Choose carefully the name of the event

The name of the event is the second element, after the cover image, which will attract the attention of your target.

It is important that it is attractive and convincing, concise and exhaustive, which effectively describes the event in a few words and which conveys curiosity and interest.

The toughest challenge? Be able to do it in 64 characters, maximum.

5. Indicates time and place

What event is it if it does not have a time and place to take place? It is very important that they are real times and places.

In particular, in the case of the place, it is very useful to tag a place recognized by Facebook because this will allow the target audience both to search for information about you and your brand in a faster way (thanks to the page linked to the place) and to easily start the navigation map to reach you.

6. Don’t forget the category and keywords

When you create an event you can (and you must) choose the category of the same (for example Art, Food, Fitness, Crafts, Causes, Games, Music, Party, Religion, etc.) and the keywords with which to make it traceable.

For example, is it a musical event? You can choose acoustic music, rock music, and pop music depending on the characteristics of your event.

7. Enter a program

Facebook recently added the possibility to publish the complete program of your event, inserting for each item the name, the start and end date and time.

This is a very useful function especially for those events that last for days or that have a schedule organized by time slots.

8. Are there co-organizers attending your event?

If you have organized your event together with other organizers, I suggest you tag them in the appropriate Co-organizers section, because in this way they will be able to contribute to the life and community that will be created around the event.

9. Post content within the event

Have you carefully organized and published your event? Well, now is the time to bring it to life!

Post content related to the theme of the event, attract potential participants, remind participants of your existence, engage them with questions and surveys, with creative content, with attractive posts.

In short, dialogue and make the community a part of what you are organizing.

10. Promote your event

Do you want your event to have wide visibility? Well, paid promotion is a mandatory step. Access the Ad Management , choose Interaction as your goal , then Answer an event , carefully set your target, set a budget, a start and end date of the sponsorship, select your event and promote.

Events on Facebook: conclusions

Events on Facebook are an important content of most of the Social Media Marketing strategies that I plan. Of course, the choice also depends on the type of brand that is the protagonist of the promotion and on the possibility of reaching its target audience thanks to this communication tool.

And how do you use events on Facebook? Are they an integral part of your social communication strategies? And do you follow all the tips I suggested to you?

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