Tiketi – the Travel Agency to Choose for Trips to Africa and the Middle East

Tiketi, an online travel agency is offering a curated selection of unique travel experiences in a variety of popular destinations around Africa and the Middle East. The tourist destinations offered by Tiketi are well-thought-out and suit not only foreign tourists but also local tourists and business travellers. With Tiketi, customers can find and book holiday packages, tours, activities, flights and event tickets via the website or mobile app at the best prices, and book them easily. With Tiketi, holidays to Africa are made thoroughly enjoyable without the worry of not having an itinerary or knowing the right places to visit and haunt.

The African Continent and the Middle East are home to many landmarks and beautiful and breath-taking places, beckoning both locals and foreigners to come and experience them. Also, African and Middle Eastern countries like South Africa and the UAE, particularly Dubai and Johannesburg, are booming business hubs that receive many business travellers each year. Tiketi covers both tours and business travels, making it easy for clients to fulfil whatever the purpose their trips are for, holidays in Africa or business symposiums in the Middle East or a magical journey in the exotic land of the Arabian nights.

Tiketi is more than a travel agency. Not only the people behind act as itinerants and planners, on the website, they offer Travel Ideas and Vacation Planning Tips. This is to help people who want to have holidays in Africa and the Middle East but have little idea of where to go and what to do. Tiketi provides Best Attractions and Best Things to Do suggestions in places like the mythical red city that is Marrakech, Morocco, the most visited city in Africa that is Johannesburg, South Africa, and UAE, the beacon of desert luxury, Dubai.

Tiketi makes booking tickets and online tour packages easier. The travel agency also allows on-the-go trip management. Those who order tour packages first using the Tiketi app by keying in the user code, mobile-10 will enjoy a 5% discount.  In a bid to continue providing stellar travel services to its customers, Tiketi is offering  bus tickets soon.

Those who want to see African wildlife in the Chobe National Park or party wildly in the metropolis that is Dubai, or simply want to sightsee Africa and the Middle East or travel for business purposes, Tiketi online travel agency is the one to contact.

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