Pillow Pack Packaging That Is Ideal For Branding And Promotion

Undoubtedly the Pillow Pack Packaging are themselves novel in their layout and have a distinctive characteristic over the others. They have unique semi-circular shapes that is missing in almost every other template. That is why they fit in for every product belonging to any industry.

However, the trouble lies when the same boxes are lying on the shelves, and the consumer faces difficulty in distinguishing between both the product and brand. In such cases, the Custom Pillow Boxes save you and bring in more sales. They also promote your brand and saves up additional promotional cost. Such can make your product outstanding in a couple of ways like;

Creative Packaging Makes your Product Distinguishable:

Apart from other customizations, printing is the foremost add-on that makes your product stand out among others. The pillow boxes are useable for products like soap, candies, wedding cards, and lipsticks. Therefore, you can personalize the Pillow Box Packaging according to each product.

For example, you can get fancy animations for the candy pillow boxes to attract the kids. Whereas as for the wedding cards, it’s better to have the patterns that reflect more of the emotions rather than ideal standardized patterns.

Thus, you can have these all for in your packaging by digital, offset and screen. Similarly having the quality-colours will take you farther in the business. You can use any of the colour model or both simultaneously. Although the PMS has a huge colour range but CMYK limits the shades of each colour.

The Best Way to Design your Boxes:

Although there is no doubt in the unique style of the Pillow Boxes that isn’t sufficient for brand recognition. You need to invest in more to get your desired results. Hence there are a couple of ways in which you can make your product distinguishable from the other product lying on the same shelves.

First of all, what matters most in any packaging is the logo of the brand. Indeed, the logo that makes consumers remember your product name and impulses them in coming back to your product. Thus, you can design the boxes by embossing, debossing, spot UV and window cut out.

For the Pillow Boxes UK, foil stamping works perfectly as they align with the occasion. Foiling can be in any colour besides the gold and silver. Or else you can polish them with the gloss and matte coatings.

Also, inserts are designed to make the safety guaranteed of the inside products. The inserts that you can go with are:

  • Punch
  • Fence
  1. Punch Insert:

This type of insert is in use for the very small shaped products. These inserts are the holes in which you keep the products. As we all are familiar with this reality that there are such products that are this much sensitive that can easily get damaged from any type of tension. Therefore, these inserts help them a lot.

  • Fence Insert:

This type of insert is in use for all shapes and sizes of the products. Furthermore, these are the inserts which come in the card form and place in the box. These make the partition and make the easy space for the products to stay in its place.

Manufacturing Styles:

The thing that plays a vital role in the manufacturing of the product that you will keep in these pillow boxes is the manufacturing styles of the boxes. Yes! You can never neglect the manufacturing styles at any cost. While finalizing the boxes, you should definitely check out the manufacturing styles that the packaging companies offer. The most common manufacturing styles are mentioned below, and this is just to make ease for you:

  • Glueing
  • Die-cutting
  • Glueing:

This process is consisting of the use of glue for the assembling of the box. Like, the flaps of the boxes get together with the help of adhesives. These adhesives are not limited to the glue, and it can be tape, sticker, or any other sticky thing. Furthermore, these boxes are made from the adhesives, that is why they come in the assembled form. The safety of the boxes made from this process is a little bit tricky.

  • Die-cutting:

Besides, this process is dependent on cuts and creases. The boxes’ flaps and panels are pass through the die-cut machines that give them the cuts and crease. Moreover, the creased flaps and panels get into these cuts to provide the final and the assembled look to the box. This method of manufacturing is more in demand as there is no risk of damage to the box because of this manufacturing style.

Which Material to Choose?

Surely the material must be stalwart and sturdy that can keep the product safer over long distances. It must have the tendency to resist against bumps and maintain the quality of the products. Apart from this, the other factor that contributes toward the packaging material is the specification of the product. Every product varies from one another in terms of size, shape, and weight.

Therefore, you can save the manufacturing cost by choosing the material wisely. Such as the Corrugated Pillow Boxes of 22pt are more suitable for the Christmas gifts rather than for candies. Also, the packaging industry manufactures the Kraft Pillow Boxes with other materials such as eco-friendly Kraft.

The Kraft boxes are biodegradable and are the buzz word in the market these days. The consumer buying habits have changed with the increasing awareness about the hazardous effects of the plastic packs. Hence it is the most flourishing box material currently.

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Besides, at such packaging companies, you get to avail of the free and the swift delivery of these boxes. The best thing is that these boxes will be at your doorstep within the mentioned 4 to 6 business days.

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