How to Make Apps More Attractive and Intuitive In Design?

How to Make Apps More Attractive and Intuitive In Design?

We are living in a digital age where tech and gadgets play a crucial role in our daily life.  And, most important of the devices that we own is undoubtedly the smartphone; hands down. The phones being manufactured in the market are more than just a mere instrument used for communications.

Today, we use it for plenty of things from making a reservation at the favourite restaurant to booking flights tickets, from seeing the price of the share market, to even get loans online and many more.

Now, for all of these, smartphone users keep apps for different purpose and usability. So, the popularity of mobile apps is ever-growing and will continue to rise. Thus, whether you are a small or big firm, getting into a mobile app can help you a lot in the growth of your business.

What are the benefits of designing a business app?

Mobile apps are one of the most effective tools to reach down the customers for business-related work. It offers a plethora of benefits which we have discussed some of the top ones that will be compelling enough. So, let us see them one by one.

Boost sales growth

One of the most significant benefits of getting business apps is that it boosts sales growth. A mobile app is a new platform where not everyone giving so much importance, so this can be a practical choice for the business. With apps, not only you will provide a more natural and more convenient option to avail your services, but you can incorporate all your marketing strategies at the same time.

With the promotion, discounts and special privileges will encourage the customer to choose your product or service. For instance, if you are a FinTech company who has launched a new loan product like doorstep loans with no credit checks feature, you can quickly put it inside the app. As soon as the user gets a notification, the required user will know about it and will most probably apply for it.

Helps in building the audience

Another significant benefit is that the mobile app will help you get to grow more audience.  Irrespective of the location of the audience, you can stay connected with them and build a relationship. The audience will only be looking for the service or product will have to open the app, instead of searching on the internet.

Chances are always there that the audience might choose other providers who are ranking higher on the search engine result page than your business website. But, this problem might not arise if you provide them with an app.

All-time availability for the customers

When you provide an app to the users, it means that they can get in touch whenever required. Moreover, you will be providing all-time availability. The audience can apply for the service at any need of the hour.

Things to keep in mind when designing mobile apps

If you are going to get a mobile app for your business, then make sure that you do proper research and take precise action that can provide better results. Here, we have mentioned a few significant factors that you need to keep in mind while getting an app designed:

Make the app interactive

The one thing that you need to consider is to ensure that the app has an interactive user interface. It will make it easy for users to understand the app and use it without any difficulty. Keeping the app interface user-friendly and straightforward will increase the users’ retention.

The audience doesn’t prefer an unusual interface that is quite difficult to understand. It is recommended to maintain consistency in the design. It ensures that all the data and information are appropriately put inside the app.

Focus on the combination of the colours

In the world of internet, graphics and visual plays an important role apart from the content. The colours of the layouts and designs used in the app can decide how much appealing it is for the user. It would be best if you choose the colour combination wisely and as per the category of the app, you are creating.

Thus, if you are creating a productivity-based app like fitness, education or lifestyle, then go for light colours. But, if the apps created are media-related somehow, then dark shades will be more feasible.

Make sure that the app is responsive in all channels

It is essential to understand that your apps will be used on different devices such as mobiles, tablets or others. So, make sure that the app is responsive to all the different devices on which it is used. Excellent mobile development includes all the features that are required to boost the responsiveness of the app.

Don’t let the app consumer too much battery

While creating the apps for phone users to ensure that the app does not drain too much of the phone’s battery. If that happens, the user is most probably won’t use it very much or delete it.

The final verdict

The netizens will be judging the app based on its layout, designs and the user-interface. So, keeping all these aspects into consideration during the development process will result in a perfect app that suits all the users.

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