Make Farming Easy with these Agriculture Machinery

Each agricultural machine has its own individual set of characteristics that are designed to perform specific tasks. This technique will allow you to achieve maximum performance in the shortest possible time. You can see more details here.

Types of agricultural machinery

Harvesting Equipment

In a modern agro-industrial complex, to achieve the highest yields of crops of various types of crops (wheat, corn, etc.), it is necessary to use special agricultural equipment. The leading position here is held by a combine harvester. The harvester performs better than the rest of the equipment designed for these operations. A feature of this technique is the ability to perform such functions as a header, fan and thresher.

In a word – a combine harvester allows you to get already refined grain of various crops at the exit from it. When choosing such a machine, in addition to its power, you should also pay attention to the type of threshing machine, the separation system and the volume of the hopper for grain.

Modern combines have three types of threshing apparatus: axial-rotor, pin and hammer. They all differ from each other in the amount of grain that goes with the straw. The first type has the best performance.


Depending on the destination, this type of agricultural machinery can be equipped with tracks or wheels. A tractor is used when it is necessary to apply traction to perform a specific task. Such agricultural machinery is not very fast, but it is not needed. Power traction is needed here, and caterpillar tractors are leading the way. They perfectly cope with work on loose soil. Any other technique here will simply load and get stuck.


To timely and efficiently produce fertilizer, which allows to protect the plant and stimulate its effective growth, a special type of equipment is currently used – sprayers. They can be made as attachments, trailers or be self-propelled.

The choice of equipment for spraying depends on the area of ​​available fields. For small agriculture, attachments are quite enough. Self-propelled sprayers are much more expensive, but they can quickly process large areas of crops.

Sowing technology

Sowing technology can achieve the most effective result. This technique includes seeders, storage tanks, silos. They are intended for prompt and, most importantly, effective sowing of grain or seeds. With their help, it is possible to maximally densely sow various crops.

Tillage machines

In the process of growing various crops, various activities are carried out. This includes the preparation of land for planting. Obtaining the most effective result depends on its correct implementation. To help this, special soil cultivating equipment is used.

Depending on the type of soil, such aggregates are capable of performing a wide variety of types of work: deep plowing, surface treatment, soil compaction, loosening, etc. Without this equipment, these large-scale works are very difficult to imagine.

Feed harvesting machines

Today, fodder for cattle and other animals is harvested using this technique. It can be tedders, swathers, mowers, balers. With the help of such machines it is possible to achieve maximum efficiency when performing these types of work. These are reliable units that can be operated in the most difficult conditions, simple and comfortable to operate.

Examples of agricultural machinery at the exhibition

You can see these and other types of professional and high-quality agricultural machinery at the EXPOBIOGAZ Biogas Expo & Congress, which will be held in the Lille (France).

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