Kelvin Wiedenhoff is ready to revolutionise the hairdresser industry in the UK with his new mobile app called SIZZR!

Kelvin Wiedenhoff is the name behind the new startup SIZZR – the mobile app that allows you to find mobile hairdressers throughout London. Kelvin is well known for his Instagram account @kelvinwdn , which has reached more than 67k followers within a very short time. Former model turned entrepreneur Kelvin had always thought of doing something big and useful for the masses, and here he is with his mobile app.

Born in Brazil, Wiedenhoff moved to the Netherlands when he was just 4 years old along with his mother. As a child, Kelvin loved computers and technology. Because of his love for computers, Kelvin educated himself early in life and also moved on to launch his very own website at the age of 12 years.

Once he finished high school, Kelvin started to study advanced marketing. In his last year of study, he got the chance of doing an internship in a big marketing company based in London. He took this chance as he always had this dream of living in the big city. He not only finished the internship but moved to London permanently.

When he was 19, Kelvin started working with a couple of modelling agencies and soon became a well known model. He had some wonderful photoshoots and travelled to some of the most beautiful places in the world. You can have a peak into Kelvin’s lifestyle on his Website or Instagram account. His modelling jobs brought him good money which he used for funding his college fees. He then started saving some money and later on, he used these savings to fund his luxury travels and to start his own business.

It was only in 2019 when Kelvin was struck with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. He and his two best friends and co-founders; Brahim Bouzid & Jean-Eric Visser thought of completely change the hairdresser industry by launching their start-up. He thought this to be a good idea because there was one thing that he and his friends had a problem with finding and that is a hairdresser who would come to them when the salons are closed. And this gave birth to SIZZR.

It offers on demand services at home by professional hairdressers via its app. SIZZR allows hairdressers to put their profiles online and sell their hairdressing services. One of the best things for the hairdressers on the app is that they are fully in control of their working hours. They also decide their own prices based on their experience. They can upload their portfolio and be visible for clients at any place and any time. This fits with the app slogan of “Anytime, Anyplace, Anyhair.” So with SIZZR, you are assured of getting hairdressers right into your home, hotel room or office.

SIZZR is a HAIRTASTIC platform that proves to be highly useful for individuals who are willing to order a haircut to their house in exchange for time. You can book treatments through this app at any time of the day with the hairdressers ready to travel to your location. Also, there is always someone who is specialised in your hair type. SIZZR is available in the UK on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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