Online marketplaces aided to selling twice as many trucks and special equipment over 2019-2020

The number of deals conducted through online marketplaces is constantly increasing. The reason is the popularity is related to the recognition of the sites.

Marketplaces are gaining increasing popularity when it comes to selling and buying expensive equipment and complex technical production. For example, most of trucks and heavy machinery are acquired through online platforms. That happens due to several advantages that are inherent in such platforms. You can figure out the way digital marketplaces operates by taking an example of Truck1 – one of the biggest worldwide truck trading online platforms.

The advantages of marketplaces

One of the main advantages of marketplaces is their great recognition among users and experts. Moreover, such sites dominate search engines and help sellers placing their equipment on the site reach out an audience of millions per month. Big amount of ads and related services that cover the needs of the market make it possible.

Buyers and sellers get used to finding each other on the Internet. Over the past few years, the number of suchlike deals has doubled. At this point, no big construction machinery dealers miss an opportunity to be advertised on marketplaces while not being there massively narrows down sale possibilities.

Online platforms allow any professional dealer to place their vehicles and from now on start receiving requests from engaged buyers which will eventually lead to an explosive sales growth after a while. As of today, no truck trader will manage to achieve good operating performance, promoting vehicles solely on its own website and mobile app. Moreover, online marketplaces cover needs of the audience in related services, including renting and leasing of commercial vehicles.

Find out more Truck1

eu is an international version of Truck1 – one of the fastest-growing digital marketplaces for trucks and construction machinery. Being launched in 31 languages, Truck1 encompasses the whole European market as well as the Middle East countries, offering trucks, trailers, construction equipment, agricultural and other special equipment. With more than 150.000 trucks, campers and construction machinery vehicles for sale on board, Truck1 is all about unleashing maximum market opportunities for its customers.

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