Rentapartment Agency and rental market in quarter 2/2020

The market of renting apartments in Vietnam in general and Saigon, in particular, is still a relatively new form, the target of this type are people, foreign families traveling, overseas Vietnamese who want to stay short term. or long term in Vietnam.

With the form of luxury apartments for rent, residents will be able to use the internal facilities such as kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom … Make people feel comfortable like they are at home. so.

Because this form of renting to foreigners is quite new, the number of units in Saigon providing services is still quite small, most of them are emerging staups. Typically in the city. Ho Chi Minh City is the Rentapartment Agency unit.

Rentapartment Agency is a provider of referral services, a bridge between foreign guests and apartment owners in Ho Chi Minh, all procedures and advice are professionally done by the Agency. Rentapartment has experience in implementing many rental projects in Vinhomes Central Park, Masteri Thao Dien and apartments for rent in districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 7.

“The market for apartment rental business is still quite unfamiliar to businesses in Vietnam, the biggest barrier is still culture, followed by language and rental procedures. But with the Rentapartment I have resolved all barriers, not only helping the form of renting apartments in Vietnam to develop, but also helping many other businesses have the opportunity to learn promotions. ” – Mr. Peter Hoang – Founder at the Rentapartment Agency said.

Benefits when foreigners rent apartments through the Rentapartment Agency such as:

– Short-term rental: No need to search far, just look through the list of apartments currently allowed by their owners for a short-term lease and book an appointment to negotiate with the owner.

– Long-term tenants can also solve more quickly: Usually, long-term tenants are quite few, but still ensure all the procedures required by the government.

– Location in the heart of the city: Being in a convenient location where there are many forms of entertainment, busy shopping centers.

– Do not worry about cleaning, reaping: Living in a high-class apartment, residents will not need to worry about laundry, or cleaning, because that may affect the tenant’s life. Therefore, when renting an apartment, customers will be able to use these extremely comfortable utilities.

Although there are many advantages of the apartment rental area, there are still a number of points that can not fail to mention that the cost of electricity and water is higher than normal, because this is a business form, so the fee is forced to follow the fee of business households. . However, this is not a big drawback compared to utilities inside the apartment.

Many experts in the field of real estate leasing continue to assert this will be a HOT trend in 2020 and will continue for many years to come. Therefore, angel investors are currently planning to invest in the form of renting to foreigners in Saigon.

It is known that at the beginning of 2020, the real estate market was affected more or less by the covit-19 epidemic, but the potential and attractiveness of this field did not diminish, in part due to the government’s safety policy, in part due to the sense of the businessmen are prepared to not let foreigners rent to the disadvantaged.

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