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You’re familiar with situations where you’ve got a few hours to kill after you check out of your hotel or vacation rental and you decide to go sightseeing but then you look down and see the luggage you’re carrying and that just kills your mood. You want to visit all the amazing attractions that you had  looked up online that you could visit near you but you don’t want to lug around the luggage along the sidewalks or to the attraction itself.. We have all been in similar situations at some point on our trips. It could be on your long layover at the airport or when attending a concert. Lugging is a major problem until now.

Make CUBBY your best friend on all travel plans to stop lugging and start exploring . Cubby specializes in safely storing all your luggage around the city for a few hours or a few days. Cubby is an on-demand luggage storage marketplace connecting travelers with local businesses to store their bags. Cubby partners with local businesses like Cafes, Salons, Restaurants and convenient stores to provide a secure storage. It provides an additional revenue stream for the shops.

How it works is pretty simple. Using the mobile friendly web app, travelers can search for the nearby cubby luggage storage location, select and pay for it online.  Whole process is seamless and takes less than 3 min. Cubby also provides a uniquely coded tamper proof bag seal at the partner locations. Drop off the bags and secure it with the bag seal. Cubby partner locations are completely vetted and trained to provide excellent customer service.

The prices are affordable  starting at $5.90 per bag/per day for the first day; and $3.90 per bag for additional days. Cubby provides the service in 11 cities Washington DC, Boston, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Galveston & Redwood City.  Cubby also provides insurance for all the bags stored. So you can now safely store your roller bags, gig bags, tote bags, backpacks, strollers or any other baggage you’re lugging around.

We want to help you make the best of memories whether it’s on your vacation or on a business trip. And so we bring luggage storage service affordable, safe and super convenient. This way, you can safely store  your bags whenever and wherever you want and make luggage free memories! As a true travel companion, we are well aware that plans change all the time and so we offer hassle free cancellation. And that’s how you travel in style!

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