The past and the future of smartphones- War of the phone

In the past ten years, we have seen tremendous progress in the smartphone industry, There were days when Nokia used to rule the market and it had a big fall because of Android’s technological advance features and support

Nokia had no plan B to fight back, and unfortunately, it was an end to Nokia and a new sunrise for Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, and many new smartphones manufacturer thanks to Google open-source Operating system.

Since then, the fight is getting intense with experiments, and Launch of futuristic smartphones every year.

The journey of the smartphones was a roller coaster from Micro USB to Type-C, from 3G to 5G, and last but not the least headphone jack to no jack (A nightmare for some customers). The most prominent feature of the phones has been developed more than anything else, and that is the camera We went from VGA camera to 108MP, set of cameras embodied in a single phone to capture crystal clear photos and from 1x Zoom to 1000x times zoom and it is getting better and better every day.

Foldable Phones were something we only saw in fantasy movies, but Today. we have proper foldable phones with all features of a smartphone. It is an indication that in coming days, smartphones won’t be limited to watch Netflix, gaming or listing songs, it will be a lot more than what we think.

Now think about the future, and the phones we have now and after ten years.

The No Port Phones:

We have already seen that customers around the globe are not happy with the no headphone jack phone, but shortly we are going to experience a smartphone with no jacks, no ports, not even a charging port because we have wireless chargers to charge our phone with having an option to charge with a data cable.

Don’t worry about wireless charger cost because companies will include it in the standard package offering so that you don’t have to pay extra to buy a wireless charger for a phone with no charging port!

More rear cameras:

Oh my God No, as we have a smartphone with at least two rare cameras and maximum up to 5, but good lord it makes it ugly to look at, and the camera bump makes it even harder to keep your phone static on a flat surface.

The new Galaxy S20 ultra, Huawei Mate 30 Pro, are some of the phones equipped with fantastic cameras with huge bumps, the back of the phone maybe not enough to keep all the cameras, but other then look we are not carrying a professional Camera to film or to click some pictures.

In the recent video of the famous American Singer Lady Gaga, the whole video was filmed on a smartphone, vloggers and reports are now prefers smartphones over cameras heavy to carry around.

Data Security:

You are all aware of how hard it is to keep your data safe and easy to store or to transfer. Back then, it was time-consuming, hard to perform (due to the speed) task. Now we have up to one TB space on our phone with the security of the data on the cloud smartphones are best to keep our data easy to access from anywhere in the world.

We all know that we had experienced some severe leaks of data of famous people, but now the security is the priority of every tech company.

3D face recognition to the in-display fingerprint reader phones makes it fully secure.

The future will make it not just a phone for entertainment, it will be a world of its own. Secure and convenient.

All Display Phones:

Curve displays were first introduced by Samsung, and the first phone was Galaxy S6, and then we have seen many companies are trying to make a statement. Recently Huawei Mate 30 Pro was the most cured display even the buttons were removed to get the infinity display look.

The Chinese manufacture Xiaomi is also working on all display phone; the phone will be the whole screen with just a ceramic trim for cameras.

The game is on to avail of the concept, and to make it as modern and futuristic as possible.

The world of smartphones is not restricted to a single category; it is working on ideas to bring to real life. In the future it is expected that the phones will not be in the form a typical smartphone, it will be replaced with some other tech to perform every single task just by saying or even thinking, just like our Google, Alexa home devices.

Android and IOS will not be the only operating system, maybe every phone making company will introduce their alternative to android just like Huawei, after the limitation from US government, the Chinese tech giant is working on its OS to replace android, and maybe it will be a great challenge to Google because if Huawei get its OS with all the user-friendly and in-demand applications to work on.

All the Chinese mobile phone companies will use it to get rid of android, but still android is the most used OS in the world.

The future of smartphones cannot be judged now. There are still lots of things to be improved.

Being a customer, I am still waiting for long battery life, budget-friendly, and phones with all the essentials accessories included in the box.

The future is unpredictable, but we know that it will be an entirely new world for smartphones to make our lives easy than the present. Every smartphone company is working hard to achieve the goal.

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