1.   You can easily reach downtown from the local airport. The most expensive way to get there is by taxi (around 30 USD). Half the price is a ticket on the express train, which resides directly at the airport. Travellers with light luggage can also travel by bus; The bus ticket costs 3 USD.
  2. You can plan a trip at any time of the year as it is mild in Sydney 12 months of the year. Even in winter, the temperature rarely drops below 18 ° C. However, the weather changes quite quickly in Sydney, so during a long walk, it is better to take an umbrella. At night it can get cool, so take warm clothes with you. Beach vacation enthusiasts are invited to go on vacation from November to April.
  3. The city has an excellent public transportation system. Tourists who plan to actively move around the city are encouraged to purchase a travel card; it works on all kinds of public transport, including the ferry. Travel cards can be designed for a day or a week; the cost is 20 and 60 USD, respectively.
  4. The car rental is only for those who expect to travel outside of the city. During the week there are many traffic jams in the main streets of the city, so it is not always practical to get around by car. Also, drivers should be aware that free parking is very rare; the cost of a parking space in the city centre is around USD 25 per hour.
  5. For those who travel in a large company, it will be more advantageous to use the services of taxis, because trips in the city are rather cheap. Taxis are called by phone. It is almost impossible to stop the car on the street in a familiar way.
  6. Travellers expecting a rich excursion program should purchase a special Sydney Explorer ticket. It entitles you to reduced rates on several excursions and is sold in all travel agencies, as well as in certain hotels.
  7. One of the best ways to quickly see all of the city’s major attractions is to use the Red Sydney Explorer Bus. It is only available to owners of the Sydney Explorer ticket. The bus line covers all major tourist sites.
  8. For those who like to relax in the fresh air in the parks, shoes and clothes are recommended. There are many insects in local parks, many of which are active at night.
  9. The best way to get around the city and its surroundings is by metro. This type of transport is not only the cheapest but also the fastest. During the day you may encounter traffic jams in the main streets of the city.
  10. You may need to exchange currency USD to AUD or exchange AUD to USD while visiting Sydney Australia. You can find many currency exchanger in Sydney. You can exchange there your currency. But you can also try online currency exchanger for Danesh Exchange Sydney. It can help you to exchange your currency within short time.
  11. The best time to get around the city by car is early in the morning and after working hours – from 19:00. At this time, there are fewer cars on the streets.
  12. Travellers, who are visiting Sydney for the first time, are encouraged to purchase a city map. The map of Sydney is quite complicated, so it will be very difficult to find your way through the streets and neighbourhoods.
  13. There are many pedestrian areas in the city, so you should not miss the pleasure of walking on its modern streets.

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