Best Solution for JPG to JPEG Conversion

When dealing with digital image files, you may have noticed the different extensions in terms of JPG and JPEG files. Most have questions as to what the difference between both is. JPG and JPEG have many similar traits but also a difference that usually goes unnoticed. Both file extensions provide small file sizes; the acronyms mean the same thing (Joint Photographic Experts Group), and they are both common photograph extensions. The difference lies in the fact that in the older window versions only supported file extensions that followed the three-letter format. The newer window versions can open both extension files with ease, and this is why one can find both extensions on a computer.

Even with the similarities, it is convenient to have all files with similar extensions for ease of transfer. The best format to have a file in is the JPEG as it is accessible on all newer window versions.

The best online solution for JPG to JPEG Conversion lies in using the FileZigZag online converter. FileZigZag makes JPG to JPEG conversions easy in the following ways;

  • Multiple conversions: FileZigZag allows multiple conversions to take place daily with a combined file size of over 400mb. This makes that you can convert all your files at once.
  • Fast conversion: in under a minute your file is converted to the JPEG format. No matter the file size, the conversion still takes place in little to no time. The only deterrent is the speed of your internet connection.
  • Security is guaranteed: FileZigZag is a secure conversion site as they are Norton and McAfee certified. Files uploaded on the site are deleted within 30 minutes after conversion.
  • Convenience: FileZigZag is an online converter which means that you can convert your files from anywhere and at any time given that there is an internet connection. Plus it comes at no extra cost.

How to convert JPG to JPEG using FileZigZag

In just four simple and easy to understand steps all your JPG files can be converted.

  1. Upload your file: this is the first step. The files to be uploaded should not be larger than 50mb on the free version but there is an option for larger file formats at a minimal subscription fee.
  2. Select file format: next is to select the format you want to convert to and in this case that would be JPEG. Simply click on the related format and you are good to go.
  3. Convert: once the preferred format is selected, the next is to convert. Click on the convert tab/icon and have your file converted in no time.
  4. Download/save your file: you can choose to download the file or save it on the cloud. Either way, the file has been successfully converted and now your file is in JPEG format, ready for use.

In conclusion, FileZigZag is the ideal solution to convert your JPG files to JPEG for free online. The steps are easy to follow and the conversion is fast and secure. There is an upgrade available for a small subscription fee that allows one to convert larger JPG sizes. Choose a reliable converter, which is lightning fast, choose FileZigZag.

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