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Have you got a business idea or already have a small scale private company but are not sure how to take it to the next level? don’t you worry, public financial services is here to save your company. Public financial services have helped many companies go public, no matter big or small, all they require is a bit of confidence from your side and they will take care of the rest.

Public financial services provide various services for their customers. These include; direct public offering, direct listing, initial public offering and much more.

What is Direct public offering?

Direct public offering refers to when a private company goes public without the help of an investment banking firm.

Now you must be thinking that without an investment firm, how will we raise our capital? The capital is raised by the directors of the company by a number of means to raise funding of their direct public offering.

What is direct listing?

Direct listing Is quite similar to direct public offering, the only difference being that they don’t need to raise investment capital from any investors.

Then how does it work? Investment needs to be raised before you enter direct listing, the ways to do this involves equity crowdfunding, private placement or regulation A offering. Companies can also raise fund after entering direct listing.

Consulting services

Public financial services help any company, no matter if they are just starting up, to get listed on stock exchange. Now you must be thinking, we can do this by ourselves. Well, its not that easy. The process is quite tedious and here where their direct public offering and direct listing consulting comes in, they have experts that know the stock exchange market and all the procedures to make this much easier for you.

They don’t just consult you but help you design a layout for your company and how you are going to play out on the stock exchange market.

The need to go public

A private company goes public for many reasons, all of them in their benefit. It doesn’t only help you grow, but also reduces your risk of failure. It increases your product and market value and helps you raise investment capital. It is also an easier way to attract investors and customers which is known as Reverse Merger as well.

It is believed that direct listing is more beneficial as compared to direct public offering, especially for entrepreneurs, as it is less costly and less time consuming.

Target audience

Public financial services mainly target companies that are run by entrepreneurs. In other words, they are looking for people who are passionate, intelligent, driven and are willing to do hard work for their company. A special skill required by any company owner is their confidence, and as you apply for direct listing or direct public offering, dealing with new investors is a part of the day.

Public financial services helps your rise up to daily challenges and helps in creating a life-long structured goal for your company.

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