Tips to boost your sales revenues by the use of geo-targeting 

Geographic location is an essential aspect of today’s business and marketing. Marketing based on an audience location has changed the way brands reach out to their audiences. Gone are the days when companies would advertise products, not knowing where their client base is located. Below here, we’ll explore tips to boost your sales by use of geo-targeting methods. Keep reading.

Find a suitable venue

The first approach is to reach your target market where they hang out. Perfect examples include stadiums, shopping malls, cinemas, and schools. By knowing where the audience is, you can reach out to a specific group. Here, you’ll group your clients depending on their buying characteristics. For example, GEO Ted uses this strategy to finding the right audience.

The stadium is a great target, especially when there’s a contest or match. Most likely, there will be fans thronging the stadium, and you can choose something sporty to promote. Another example is airports, especially on holidays. Visitors jetting in can have a sample of where to book their stay in restaurants, resorts, and more.

At the mall, you can choose certain promotions depending on the clients visiting and the season. For example, during summer, you can choose to promote summer outfits or cold drinks.

Avoid areas with low reach

There are some areas where your target audience may be absent. For instance, if you’d like to promote a certain insecticide to a group of farmers in an agricultural show, then it doesn’t make sense to promote, let’s say, shoes or restaurants.

A club near a university can promote to the students; however, during summer breaks, there will be no need for advertising since the students are away.

By excluding these places, you’ll save on marking costs. However, you can choose to have a broad area for your marketing so that you can reach even areas beyond your target location.

Define your target radius

Mapping out your target audience is known as geofencing. It enables you to know the exact location where you will deliver specific ads. Send messages to your target audience, including locators for nearby stores. Users can always know where to get the products or services that they need.

Geo-conquering involves targeting customers in a competition area. This approach enables users to compare the kind of services or products they get from that of the competitor.

Make changes to your Ads and get better locations

It’s important to consider analyzing how the market is reacting to your ads. One major concern can be the loss of clients or a reduction in volume. You can check the click rates and how many people get to view your ads. Some areas may be low performers, and you need to change your marketing strategy.

In areas where the business is low, the cost of ads may be high. Consider reducing your activities in those regions and increase in areas where your target audience is high. By changing your strategy, you can now justify the cost and adjust for the optimal performance of your campaigns.

Use target keywords based on locations

Keywords are useful in developing content. Geo-targeting involves using keywords that will appear in audiences’ search and location. Customize with the relevant keyword so that when your audience narrows down their searches, they can easily discover your products or services.

For instance, you can target a coffee shop by using keywords such as hot coffee or steaming coffee nearby. Narrow down to the area codes, streets, and other keywords that will help audiences discover you.

Predict the target market by their location

Location can help predict the purchasing behavior of audiences, and this information is really useful in planning your ad strategy. It’s easier to predict certain segments in terms of their income, age, education, and more.

By drawing the boundaries, then you can map out the products to promote. For example, if the neighborhood consists of well to do individuals, then, these are heavy spenders who care more about quality than price.

Get to know your audience’s search history

When developing ads for a certain audience, you’d want to know what they’ve been searching on the internet. These statistics are available and can help you track down your audience’s needs and preferences.

For instance, someone may be searching for specific information about a certain hotel. However, this information could be useful for marketers to develop an ad that’s related to a specific audience.

Analyze the audience behavior depending on previous geographical locations

Geographical history will give you the information in regard to the audience and what their preferences are. Most likely, you’ll get to know the places they frequent to shop, and this will give you an insight into the type of ads. For example, a client might be visiting a hotel frequently.

Use landing pages by providing specific content

When targeting your audience, think about the landing pages in a particular location and offer the best ads with specific content.

Most often, you’ll need to consider high authority websites that command a huge presence in search engines—the book ads on those pages. For instance, in a high-end neighborhood, users are likely to click on websites that offer high-end products such as luxury cars or apartments.


Geo-targeting is useful in getting to audiences and offering them products or services that are specific to their needs. The first step is to consider the location of the audiences and customize your ads while taking note of the expense. Your location ad strategy can only increase your revenues if your costs are low.

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