How to choose a baby feeding bottle

Parents need to take care of a lot to surround their baby with everything necessary. For example, it is very important to decide which feeding bottles are best for you. For a newborn, the most useful and complete nutrition is breast milk. But it’s not always and not convenient for the mother to breastfeed her baby. In such situations, it is very convenient to use a breast pump and feeding bottles that will allow you to feed your baby in public places. In the best baby bottles for newborns, you can pour not only expressed milk, but also special mixtures if mom needs to go away.

Types of Best Baby Bottles

There are many types of bottles. You can pick them up depending on the age of the child and what you plan to feed him. It’s better to buy several bottles at once. They differ in several criteria:

  • Material

Glass bottles are hygienic, quite durable and can withstand repeated sterilization, so they are well suited for the first weeks of a baby’s life. Plastic bottles wear out faster, but they are lighter. It will be more convenient for the child to keep them himself, and you should take them for a walk.

  • Appearance and size.

Modern bottles for feeding newborns have a huge variety of shapes and colors. Direct containers are easier to wash, embossed and with a narrowing in the center, the child will be able to hold in his hands. A bright scale helps to prepare the mixture in the correct proportions, and a wide neck makes it easy to fill and rinse the bottle.

The volume of the bottle is usually divided into 2 types: for the smallest 110-200 ml and for older children about 260 ml. It is best if dishes of this kind hold 50% more food than a child usually eats at a time.

  • The shape and size of the nipples.

Latex nipples are cheaper, softer, very similar to human skin, while silicone nipples are more durable and stronger. To choose the material, in this case, it is better to take into account the individual reaction of the baby.

A classic-shaped nipple approved by pediatricians is suitable for the first weeks of life. The anatomical shape will help the baby on mixed nutrition (both breast and artificial feeding) easily switch from a nipple to a bottle and vice versa. And for the formation of the correct bite, doctors recommend using orthodontic nipples with a beveled edge.

It is also worth paying attention to the number of holes in the nipple – more for thick foods and less for liquid. It is important to ensure that the child does not get tired of sucking, and does not choke.

  • Anti-colic system.

Since colic is a very unpleasant thing, it is worth choosing bottles with a special pressure equalization system; it prevents the baby from swallowing air as the level of the mixture decreases. Best of all, a tank anti-colic system cope with this.

Given all the above characteristics, it will be easy to decide which bottles to choose for the newborn. It’s worth buying several types at once, they are useful for different foods. In any case, it is necessary to check the quality and safety of materials, the tightness of the bottle (how tight the cap fits) and the convenience of its use for the baby.

Care and storage of the best baby bottles

When breastfeeding, the baby receives healthy and safe milk. Therefore, translating it to artificial or mixed nutrition, it is very important to strictly observe hygiene. Doctors recommend sterilizing baby bottles, nipples, and other accessories until the baby is 3-5 months old, after which you can simply rinse them well with hot water.

There are several ways to sterilize bottles:

  1. Boil in a saucepan or hold over steam for 3-10 minutes.
  2. Use the dishwasher.
  3. Warm the dishes soaked in the pan in the microwave (2 minutes at 1100-1850 W).
  4. Use special sterilizers that treat the bottles with steam for 10-12 minutes.
  5. Prepare a washing solution from special tablets and powders.

Bottles should be washed immediately after feeding, not allowing the remnants of food to dry out, especially if it is sour-milk. Dish with straight walls is easier to clean than curved. Therefore, it is important to consider which feeding bottles are best filled with a thick mixture, and which ones with liquid. After sterilization, the bottle remains sterile for several hours (depending on the method).

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