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White labeling is whereby you are allowed to put your brand on a product that you have not manufactured. Everybody else is doing this. Data shows that upto 90% of CBD brands in the market today are under this service.

We are one of the oldest White Label CBD products manufacturer in the US. We are a reputable White Label CBD Manufacturer.  Our turnaround time is very fast. We pride in delivering in 7-10 days.

We are FDA Registered, Utah State Processor and Manufacturer Registered, Utah Department of Agriculture Food Certified Facility, Insured, GMP and Cruelty-Free Facility.

Our Utah Industrial Hemp Processor License No. 2019-3-1277, Department of Agriculture and Food No.137755, Sandy City Business License No. 152749 and

FDA Registration No. 12433096964

All our products are manufactured in our facilities where maintaining quality is our priority. White Label CBD manufacturer studies the trends before manufacturing any of our over 350 products. We want to know what the demand is like, where it is, the most preferred flavors and which of our CBC, CBD, CBG, and CBN product is highly demanded. The data we get helps us in creating products that are sure to sell.

White labeling has more advantages than reselling a brand that is already in existence.

The good thing about our White Label CBD product is that you are free to re-brand them and sell them as your own. This gives you the opportunity of setting your own prices. It is a perfect way of not only building your own brand but also growing your business.

You have a lot to gain once you decide to work with us. The first advantage is that as a White Label CBD manufacturer, we ensure that you have all the information that you need. We ensure that your products have all the information you need to allow you to sell our products within the EU.

It is easy to build and grow your business when you have a Private Label. However, make sure that your brand is known for all good reasons. People who know and love your brand will keep coming back. They will also love to refer to a potential customers. They will also not mind buying different products from a brand that they love.

We have been in the manufacture of private label long enough. Over 25 years in the niche supplement manufacturing has led to perfection.

Come to us if you are planning to become a CBD manufacturer.

We shall assist you in designing your own brand. However, if you already have an in-house designer that you would prefer to use, we shall simply give you our formats. Your designer’s work will be to update the labels and boxes with your preferred design and logo. We will then do the printing for you.

If you prefer us to do it for you, just send to us your logo. You are free to choose how you prefer your products to appear. With talented designers from us, you will love what you get. We have diverse management that has helped us in remaining at the top.

You are free to pay us a visit either through skype or personally. Contact our sales rep to schedule the tour. If you fail to get what it is you are looking for, we will be happy to custom formulate one for you. This will be for a selection then we can custom formulate it for you for a low 500 Unit/SKU MOQ.

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