Native & Mobile Web App: Which One Is Better For Small Businesses?

Mobile technology has changed from the last couple of years. And, no one knows what new tech surprise you in future. The major part of that brings a revolutionary change in smart gadgets industry is “APPLICATION”. 

 However, several times having too much technology creates a problem. It introduces a problem when it comes to “select the best one”. Small businesses are the one who faces a lot of issues while choosing between “Native and Mobile Web App”. 

Both types of application hold their signification, but which one perfect for the business? You do not have to anxious about it. We have covered both of them with their pros and cons. 

 Let’s have a look at them. First, initiate with Native application, and then about the Mobile web Application. 

 What Are Native Applications?

 These are the applications that form based on “platform”. 

 For example,

 Suppose you want to build an application for Apple, then the platform and code should be specific. In general, Objective C is used during application formation. Similarly, for a different platform, different language is used. 

 You can identify them at the home screen. The apps present on the screen are known as native apps. And they have the right to access the contacts and gallery. It is the reason most of the applications are native ones.  

 There are multiple benefits as well as disadvantages that you can below. 

 Advantages of Native Application

 Benefits of native apps are countless, but we mentioned some popular one that aids you to take help. 


1.     Provide Quick Response 

 Whenever you need the app, you can easily access it without surfing the browser. Offer much better response than any other type of apps. 

2.     Access At The Time Of Emergency

Not all apps, but there are certain ones that you can operate in any conditions, like:

·         No internet connection 

·         Flight mode duration 

 Like this, many other emergencies occur where one need quick help. At that moment, these native apps can help you.  

3.     Boost The Look Of The Smartphone

 Without these applications, the phone may seem bored. Even operating the phone becomes difficult, but with such an application, you can enhance the beauty of the phone. 

  The Drawback of Native Application

 There are two significant drawbacks:

 The Download Process Is Prolonged 

 If the application size is less, then downloading becomes easy. In general, the company’s apps are more prominent, which takes plenty of time to download.

 Costly Development 

 The specific requirement for the particular application restricts the developers to use creativity and introduce the high cost. However, this problem can be easily managed with options, like quick loans in Ireland

 Now, let’s have a look at the part of the mobile web application. 

 What Are Mobile Web Applications?

 These applications are nothing but apps that are not accessible through the web. You cannot download them on the phone like native apps. 

 Let’s have a look at the benefits of it. 

Advantages of Mobile web application

 There are limited benefits that you may receive from it. 

 1.     Do Not Require Any Specific Space

 Services from these applications can only access when the user downloads the browser. And, in most of the smartphones, these browsers are preinstalled. So, for it, one does not have to install a particular app. 

 2.     Better Running Performance 

It depends on the internet connection; if the internet service is excellent, then performance would be better. Here, you can get better user experience. 

 3.     Cost Is Low 

 Developing such an application’s cost is low. Though, it may be the best part of it for businesses in the sense of reducing cost. 

 Now, have a look at the limitation of the mobile web application. 

 Disadvantages of M-W apps

 There are two major negative sides to it.  

1.    Operating Is Different 

 No one wants to access the services from the browser all the time. And, using it may introduce some easiness. So, it may be the significant problem, and as a business user’s attention is required. 

2.     Need A Strong Connection 

Without a secure connection, the user cannot use the web application. Here native provides services without having a link to some extent.

These are the two critical limitations for Mobile Web Application. 

Which one is best?

 If we neglect the cost factor, then Native application could be the right option. But, if you are new to the business industry, then expense plays a vital role to grow the firm. So, in that scenario, you can use the web application.  

Now, you must have got the answer to the question. Choose one that is perfect for the business, and make sure that it is not affecting the finance.

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Native & Mobile Web App: Which One Is Better For Small Businesses?

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