Washington Introduces New Visa Rules for Women Who Want to Give Birth in the USA

The US State Department issued a notice that the issuance of visas for a temporary stay to foreigners counting on entering the United States for “maternity tourism” – the practice of travel to the United States to ensure automatic permanent citizenship, will be stopped on January 24. A child born on American soil, the White House said in a statement.

“This change in the rules is necessary for the sake of public and national security, as well as the integrity of our immigration system,” the report says.

“The maternity tourism industry threatens to overload the expensive resources of hospitals, it is tightly connected with criminal activity, which is reflected in federal lawsuits. By closing this eye-catching loophole, we will protect the United States from threats to national security created by this practice,” the document says.

“This measure will also protect US taxpayers from wasting their hard-earned dollars to finance the costs of maternity tourism. The integrity of American citizenship should be protected,” the White House said.

Earlier, the Associated Press reported that the administration of US President Donald Trump on Thursday published new visa rules aimed at containing the so-called maternity tourism. We are talking about requests for an American tourist visa in cases where women purposefully travel to the United States for childbirth so that later the child can get a passport of a United States citizen. By the new rules, applicants will be denied tourist visas if members of the American consular service find that they are being sent to the country for childbirth.

The new rules are published in the Federal Register. They are designed to help eradicate illegal activities related to the maternity tourism industry. The practice of traveling to the United States for childbirth is essentially legal, says AP, but there are cases where authorities arrest employees of agencies involved in organizing a “maternity tourism” due to visa fraud and tax evasion.

The US Department of State believes that visiting the country for “maternity tourism” is not an act that falls under the concept of tourism, that is, to get new experiences or relaxation.

Tightening the nuts in the field of “maternity tourism”

Earlier in January, Axios announced that the Trump administration plans to tighten pregnant foreigners’ entry into the United States, as well as cancel citizenship by birth.

“The Trump administration this week plans to announce a new rule in the US migration policy banning” maternity tourism “- a popular practice of obtaining American citizenship among Russians, Chinese, and Nigerians,” the publication wrote.

As Axios noted, legislative amendments will change visa requirements B: the migration service will refuse to issue short-term business and tourist visas to foreigners if they suspect that they are designed to automatically obtain citizenship.

Obtaining US citizenship at birth in the country allows the 14th amendment to the Constitution. “The innovation is aimed at enhancing national security, as well as at curbing criminal activity related to” tourism for childbirth, “the US Department of State representative quoted the portal as saying.

Official data on newborn US citizens whose mothers came to give birth from another country does not exist. According to the organization “Center for Immigration Studies”, which cooperates with the presidential administration, every year women who enter the country on tourist visas give birth to 33 thousand babies.

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