Today we are going to talk about web seo.

Do you want to rank your website number 1 on search engines like Google?

Please follow the steps and you will find yourself on the top of Google.

  1. Focus on your content

Google has an upgrade known as Hummingbird, what they chose to do would be sites who just have articles on everything will not perform as good as who concentrate on a single market and are super comprehensive.

  1. Optimize your title tags and your Meta descriptions

Have you search Google, and noticed that each time you get it done, there’s this connection at the top, there is this 1 sentence using a link in the top is known as the title tag.  Along with the description which is called Meta description.

  1. Use Google Search Console

Did you realize that Google provides you a tool which teaches you, how you can rank number one on Google? Yes I know that sounds silly but it’s accurate, and it is named Google Search Console.  If you are not already a user of it, then sign up.  It will not cost a buck. I cannot emphasize that enough.  So now that you are utilizing Google Search Console, give it a couple of days because it requires a while to populate info. You will see a display which reveals Search Analytics and this also shows you all of the webpages on your site which are getting traffic. In addition they show you which posts are receiving response. They reveal you all of the keywords which you are getting results, and most of the ones that you’re getting clicks for. Because that means that your articles sucks and it only has too many keywords and phrases.  It must flow naturally and be informative. So you want take these key words which you are visiting in Google Search Console, and add them into the report. Today we’ve got a post on Instagram, and it teaches you, how you can get over 300 targeted Instagram followers every day. The guide is about 10,000 words.

Create your articles super comprehensive. Make certain you incorporate the keywords within your title tag and Meta tag description, but also when you are performing your title and description, Make certain you’re evoking curiosity, and you are producing amazing title that everybody wishes to click and read through. Use those three items and you’ll be able to position number one, not only in the long run, but also at this time.

Now that you have learned these 3 hints, I challenge you where I would like you to take these strategies and execute them, then after you implement them, you are going to find results, and you are going to be thrilled, and your own life will change.  I challenge you to do it and execute these 3 measures, I understand you might be busy, and you also might not be able to perform all of them immediately, but only select one. It does not need to be time consuming.  Pick one of these, make the shift, perhaps it is possible to begin with the second strategy because that is the simplest one. Employ it and you may begin seeing results straight away.

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