Manpreet Singh Co-Founder Innokrats is an Inspiration for New Generation of Entrepreneurs

In an era where dreams are driven by passion and aspirations, many people find it hard to achieve their desired goals. Nowadays, people set goals but find it hard to work for it. And, that’s the hardest part of realizing one’s dream. Without consistency, persistence, and discipline, success doesn’t follow and remains merely a pipe dream. However, in the case of “Manpreet Singh,” things were on a different tune.

The Story of Manpreet Singh is utterly jaw-dropping that inspires a new generation of Entrepreneurs. Born in the Valley of Jammu & Kashmir, Manpreet is a prodigy of tech and business. At a decent age of 19, he has already achieved many milestones. It is an age where many young entrepreneurs embark on their journey of building a successful career. But, Manpreet has set an example for entrepreneurs of this age group on how to shape one’s career and shine like a rising star. His stellar achievements are not only limited to co-founding Innokrtas PVT LTD (IT Solution Company) while studying at the age of 18 but also reflected in his efforts, focus, and determination despite coming from an average family. His passion, for becoming financially independent and creating a legacy for his name, has always fueled his intensity of actions toward achieving his goals.

Although Manpreet is extraordinarily dedicated and focused on what he wants to achieve, he believes in creating a healthy balance in professional and personal life as well. This reason is why he always takes time to enjoy the diversity of life. In his spare time, He enjoys reading books on finance and traveling to his preferred destinations.

Currently, Manpreet is working on Sustainable innovation (tech), Sustainable fashion, and he is also working on Real Estate. He works independently in developing and planning his projects. And, his mantra of success lies in “Clarity of thoughts and Actions.” He knows what he wants to do and what he wants to achieve. This character is what sets him apart from other entrepreneurs in this league. His priorities and actions always align with his goals on which he works with complete self-belief and confidence.

Here young entrepreneurs must take note of Manpreet’s Story. Challenges and problems come in everyone’s life, but people who survive are the real goal-achievers. Be always optimistic about what one wants to achieve, and not give up when problem surface. And, instead of looking at the problems, always look at the way, on how to tackle them.

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