How to get rid of a junk car?


First of all, we need to what a junk car is? And when a car is said to be junk? Now, the answer is that junk can be of many reasons such as cars age that means the car is too old, the car is too much damaged that it needs to get disposed off, car is very low resale value just as small as junk, cars licensing and registration can no more be extended, the car has been parked on the street for a long time, or it’s resting on someone’s property without their permission, or maybe due to too many problems, the car cannot be repaired. Then a car is eligible to be called a piece of junk and nothing else.

About dumping a junk car

Before you plan to dump off your vehicle for justified reasons, you need to make sure about certain things. First of all, remove all of the valuable items and other essential items out of your car to be dumped. Check all the dashboard and door pockets for your valuables and also under-seat and hatch of the vehicle. Then you may contact your nearest car scrap dealer to make a deal. After the agreement is set, the scrapper will take that car with him for further processing.

How it can be done

There are several ways of dumping a car, depending upon what method you would like to choose. These are purely optional and are of personal interest. Few of them are:

  • Donating your vehicle- car donation can be made by giving your vehicle to a charitable society. This charitable society will then further sell that car for the exchange for money to run their charitable society efficiently.
  • Auto recycling- this means if your car is not in good shape, you can sell it for scrap value to a scrapper. Before selling your vehicle, compare prices from different scrappers around your locality, and you can finalize the deal where you get the best deal from the scrapper. Or, if any parts are in a good or a working condition, you can further sell those parts to car workshop dealers to get some money out of those saved parts.
  • Trade-in- if your car is old and is still in a running condition, you can use it as a trading option while purchasing your next vehicle. This will benefit you in saving enough money so that you can buy the next car without any hesitation. This is also one of the best ways to utilize your old car fully.


Methods that can be opted are as follows:

  • Donating your car to some charitable society by contacting them so that they can sell and earn money to run their organization.
  • Selling your car for the recycling process and also marketing of the working parts to some garage. Also before recycling the vehicle, make sure there is no fuel or any type of combustible material present in the car
  • Exchange your old car for the new if it’s still in a running condition. This will help you in saving your money for the new one.


If one plans to get rid of his/her car, there are many possible ways to opt for. These can be chosen depending upon the person’s interest and also the condition of their vehicle and what they want in exchange, peace of mind, or maybe some cash in their hands.

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