How To Choose The Ideal Air Mattress For Hospital Beds?

Hospital beds are ideally made for patients who require superior support and comfort. There are plenty of benefits of sleeping on a hospital bed that ranged from acquiring adjustable height to protective side railings. It is important to accompany the hospital bed with the right mattress to make the most of your bed. There are basically three types of mattresses for hospital beds: innerspring, foam prevention and air mattress.

Air mattress for hospital bed is extremely beneficial due to its inflatable design that helps soothe the patient and provide a comfortable sleep. The air cells present in the mattress are meant to trigger circulation by shifting the pressure points. Air mattress for hospital bed is also highly beneficial for patients who have delicate skin and suffer from bedsores.

The benefits of a hospital bed air mattress cannot be stress more, but it is important to locate the ideal pick in order to make the most of it. There are plenty of factors that you need to consider while buying an air mattress for hospital beds. Take a look at some of those important pointers that you must keep in mind while buying air mattresses for hospital beds:-

Patients’ Size

Patients’ height, weight and, bariatric measurements play a vital role in the selection of the air mattresses. It is advisable to select a mattress that is longer than the height of the patient. According to the weight of the patient, you can choose between foam and pressure relieving model mattress.

Inner Structure Of Air Mattress

Gauging the inner structure might sound daunting, but it is quite simple. There are majorly two types of inner design for the air mattress: beams and chambers. In the majority of cases, chamber styles mattresses are considered beneficial. You can also consider chambers with coils as well for lower risks of air leaks. These types of mattresses are also ideal for less micro air currents that prevent cold rushes. Make sure to determine the type of structure to get hands-on the best mattress.

Air Mattress Materials

Air mattresses for hospital beds comes in different material, and it is important to choose the ideal material according to need. Vinyl is a form of stretchable plastic and is a prime constituent of air mattresses. There are plenty of variations in vinyl as well. If you are looking for durable mattresses that don’t need to be changed regularly, then you can go for the regular vinyl.

It is by far the best companion for hospital beds. Treating major physical ailments along with providing superior comfort and support, it is by far the best alternative. Finding the ideal medical mattress can be a daunting task if you are not aware of the right factors that need to be considered.


The above mentioned were some of the ideal things that you should never miss while shopping for hospital bed air mattress. From patients’ weight to the purpose of the beds, one should carefully check everything before buying any product.

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