Benefits Of Video Marketing: For Businesses

Ever since the inception of Digital marketing, it has found new ways to serve businesses. In the finding of one of those methods, the idea of video marketing came in place. Not that marketing products through videos is anything new to humankind, it is what we commonly call TV advertisements. However, video marketing serves different and countless more benefits than usual advertisement: print or digital.

Which is why in recent times many businesses turn toward video marketing, upstarts and established alike. Since 2016, many consider video marketing to not only the top method of digital marketing but also the most beneficial one. However, in order to understand how one can use it to their advantage, understanding the benefits is compulsory.

Types of Videos in Digital Marketing

First, let us look at the types of video marketing.

  1. How Tos and Guides help people understand the specifics of a product or provide vital information regarding a service.
  2. Explainer Videos are perhaps the top most demanded type in digital marketing because of their versatile nature.
  3. Animated videos is widely known as the most cost effective and efficient advertisement solution available today.
  4. Other types include demo videos, event highlights and brand marketing like interviews and journey videos.

These are some of the most sought-out types of video marketing. However, what are their benefits? Let us dig right into them.

Identity and Recognition

Identity and Recognition

One of the primary challenges of business owners and marketers around the world is building sustainable brand identity. It is easy to get lost in the shuffle in the vast sea of online market and high competitiveness. However, video marketing has proved continually that it is a more than capable tool in creating not just sustainable, but outstanding brand awareness and recognition.

Videos provide a proper look into a brand’s mission and capability with unmatched keenness. Which is why many established companies utilize videos in their social media and overall internet marketing campaign to help people understand their brand or products better. For example, adaptability of an animated video can open the doors to many platforms for a brand. In result, creating more opportunities of people finding out about it.

Connects Better With Audience

Connects Better With Audience

Another thing many marketers and businesses struggle with is connecting with the customer-base properly. It is one thing to garner an audience, but another thing entirely to keep them hooked. That is when video content proves vital. It does not only help people understand what a company or product is all about, but also helps them understand even the most difficult complexities.

For example, a simple explainer video can save an audience the hassle of going through a huge technically written guide or how to memo. By simply providing vital information regarding the usage of a product or availing of a service, many marketers and business owners reap countless benefits from explainer videos.

SEO Benefits


One of the many struggles of a company website is to make it appear in search engine page results (SERP). Not just that, a website’s search engine rankings are also a deciding factor in its authenticity. Google favours websites with high retention ratio, aka how much time a customer (visitor) spends on a website.

It helps them evaluate whether or not a website is providing viable solutions to what a searcher is looking for. Videos on a website statistically put it in higher rankings. Because of their high retention and engaging rates, whiteboard animation or explainer videos prove very useful in SEO terms.

Platform Friendly

Platform Friendly

The driving factor of video marketing’s success in recent years it is platform friendliness. Not only does it help people on desktops, it is mobile friendly. Considering the rising number of smartphone users around the globe, it helps in adapting to mobile phone standards more than any other aspect of digital marketing.

Cost Effective and Efficient

Cost Effective and Efficient

If business owners are looking for viable online advertisement solutions, then wider reach and ROI are surely to be on their mind. Because of their cost-effectiveness and greater ROI value, digital marketing video types are now the primary source of advertisement for many companies and brands around the globe. In recent times, companies employ their own marketing teams who utilize top video creation software or hire professional marketers to convey their mission.

Additionally, their effect on people proves that videos are the most efficient digital marketing solution available today. For example, a side banner conveying an advert of a brand or company may go unnoticed. However, an interesting animated video regarding the effects of a product is capable of drawing more people towards it.


As stated earlier, video marketing is nothing new in terms of advertisement. Nevertheless, the versatility and variety it offers in current age are unmatched. Therefore, video marketing proves vital in creating brand recognition for new businesses, whereas it helps established businesses gain more traction. The adaptiveness and ROI ratio of video marketing is just what proves the most favourable when it comes to digital marketing.


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