Is technology a blessing to be praised or a curse to be eliminated?


When the technology was newly emerging

At the times when the technology was newly emerging. The scientific society was verily overproud over the results of proportional achievement. And at the times when technology was not that much standard, only upper class could use, and those who were well educated and well aware of current cardinals; not everyone at that time was using air conditioning systems at the severe hot seasons of summer; not every single person has the vehicles in the society at that times; use my appliances discount codes, to get the latest appliances and technology in your home at best discount. Both the lifestyle of high class and the class where technology was not using was creating the class differences. This difference keeps growing rapidly and finally started to reach the international world; where it divided the world into two proportions and into two halves, which are not likely to be filled soon,

The Revolutionary change of technology

The waste gets the grip over the technology; discover all the innovations, found the power of selling the world, and that relative power is getting more and stronger. In today’s date, where the west lies because of its revolutionary changes in scientific society is much appreciated by the whole community. But at the same time, it is not welcomed by such third world members, where the west is getting more power over the reign, and on the other side, the lowest are getting further lower and lower.

The truth

At what proportion we can take granted, who can challenge the power against this tech, and who could deny the favors which technology owes us. It is the very same technology which is helpful for us; its benefits all are well known and well accepted, and the way technology saves the world; and also saves the most precious lives of the once being; that the fact using of technology can take the experience back from the deaths grip; according to some estimation, it is believed that by January 2016 24,643 lives were saved. Today the technology is too swift to catch and treat diseases faster and more efficiently than ever.

To save thousands of dying lives is a kind act of technology for us. But what about at the time of World War II when the Casualties, where the Estimations suggest that some 75 million people died in World War II, including about 20 million military personnel and 40 million civilians. And all the equipment and weapons including The Mk 2 Grenade, Avro Lancaster Bomber. The M1 Garand Rifle, The T-34 Tank, The MG 42, Katyusha Rocket Launcher, Hawker Hurricane and the most famous atom bomb; how ruthlessly these weapons took the lives of millions in less than the split seconds, it is the technology is mind shaking, the way it releases large quantities of energy from relatively small amounts of matter.

At The End

And how simply and meekly derives its destructive force from nuclear reactions Tthe technology is not subjected to any power in this world. Or is the technology is the final and universal authority in this world where everyone is submitted to it, but the tech itself is not. Still, at the same time, all those inhuman equipment and the applications of innovation are essential for the states to keep itself and its members protected from the contemporary rivals. the whole history is full of up and down of the class division, power, war, and dominance.


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