Reverse Osmosis Installation – One Solution For All Water Problems

If you are concerned about the constant scum, the smack of iron in water, then the installation of reverse osmosis new water will be the best solution. The secret to effective cleaning is to use a membrane. By the same principle, the metabolism of any living organism occurs. This secret was known by the ancient Greeks, who, using a membrane, separated different components from each other. A reverse osmosis system installation unit is the filtration of water at the molecular level, which allows you to retain not only chemical elements, but also tiny bacteria.


The first reverse osmosis plants appeared in the 70s of the last century. Since then, they have not lost their high positions. The system uses a special semipermeable membrane to which water is supplied under pressure. Membrane pores are very small; only water and oxygen molecules can pass through them. Installing reverse osmosis new water, due to such a membrane, makes the water completely clean without iron molecules, hardness salts. The reverse osmosis system works not only on the membrane, but also on additional filter cartridges that pre-clean water from sand and chlorine. It turns out that in one system, water goes through several stages of purification.


As a rule, the water pressure in a large city is 3-4 atmospheres. In small cities, the pressure can be 2.5 atmospheres. In this case, you can optionally install a pressure boosting pump. The reverse osmosis installation system is a universal environmentally friendly system for purifying water from all existing contaminants.


reverse osmosis installation in the kitchen

There is an opinion that the water that has passed through the reverse osmosis unit is equated with distilled, and can harm health. These are ridiculous statements by those who know nothing about water. Firstly, the elements that are in the water, and not their absence, can cause serious harm to health. Secondly, even harmless salts and minerals found in water are not absorbed by the body. Man gets them from animal and plant foods. A simple example, calcium in water creates scale on a teapot and contributes to the formation of kidney stones, which can hardly be called good. And calcium in dairy products helps strengthen bones, especially in children. Excess iron in water leaves rust stains, makes it unbearable in taste and smell, can cause serious food poisoning. While the iron in the apple promotes good health. And thirdly, the water is not purified 100%, it is not distilled water, since dissolved gases are stored in it, which give it freshness and a pleasant taste. Yes, and if the reverse osmosis installation were so dangerous and harmful, independent international health organizations would have said that a long time ago.


With the installation of reverse osmosis New Water, you will get water that is useful not only to drink, it will reveal the taste of your favorite dishes in a different way, soups and broths come out more rich, tea and coffee will become better and more aromatic. Such water is also used for cosmetic purposes for washing and masks, since it does not cause allergic reactions and dry skin. There are people who do not like the taste of boiled water, water from the reverse osmosis unit can be drunk immediately from the tap without boiling.


Reverse osmosis unit with a separate tap and water tank

The reverse osmosis unit found its place not only in everyday life, but also in other areas: food production, medicine, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, chemical industry, heat power engineering. It is unlikely that you will be pleased at the thought that cheese and cough syrup is prepared on raw water. Of course, this is unacceptable, therefore, they take only perfectly clean water. The reverse osmosis installation is of particular importance for saving money.

After all, such water eliminates the breakdown of expensive equipment due to mechanical particles and scale that reduces the consumption of inhibitors, detergents and powders.

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