Six Effective Ways to Attract and Retain the Best Team

Have you ever wondered how to attract and retain the best team you possibly can, especially if big salaries or huge bonuses are just not an option? Then this article will be interesting to you. We all know that taking care of your team is how you thrive as an organization. So, I am going to suggest six methods, outside of profit sharing, that will help you grow and retain talent.

As we all know, attracting and keeping the right people on board is crucial to your business success, especially in today’s world of low employee engagement and high turnover. But even more than that, getting the right people on the bus makes going to work fun and something you can actually look forward to. 

Here are six very effective methods that are proven to help you attract and retain the best team for your business.


This, my friend, is what so many humans crave more of. We crave more control over our own schedule because, let’s face it right? In life, things happen. Both special events that you just don’t want to miss and people get sick. 

Plus putting the emphasis on results rather than who is at their desk at what hours gives people more control over their day and makes them feel trusted, which is hugely important. 

Now of course there are positions where you do need to be at your desk at certain hours but in those cases you might want to consider having people cross-trained or consider having a few part-timers instead of one full-timer. 


I have to say this is one of the most important things you can do to attract and retain the best team, and it’s one of the most underrated. You have got to make it a part of your company culture to celebrate and appreciate and publicly acknowledge people for their hard work. 

For example, when someone does a fantastic job, or hits a milestone, or when a team gets something monumental done, try giving out specific and sincere recognition to each person. Beyond just a speech, you could try throwing confetti, ringing a bell, playing some music, have the whole team clap, that sort of thing. If it’s a huge deal, perhaps consider taking the team out on the town, celebrating. 

Maybe even do something like arrange a company brunch. Avoid getting all business though; to be most effective, the only agenda should be social connection and having fun. 


I don’t mean you should be a challenging manager, rather you should constantly challenge them to grow. You should expect a lot from your people and really challenge them to gain new skills, because if they don’t see a growth path ahead they’re not going to stay. 

I sometimes assign big tasks to people that they need to go figure out and 99% of the time it’s around a project that none of us have experience in we’ve never done anything like it before. And I really do expect results. 

And you know what? They always make it happen. And other times something will come up and I’ll say “Hey who’s stepping up to take this on?” And always someone rises to the challenge. 

Doing this, transforms them in a way that’s exciting both for them and for everyone else. And you want to know why? It is because no one rises to low expectations. A-players want to step up, not level out.


Employees not only want your feedback on how they are performing, and where they can grow as team members, they also want to give feedback.

Even the most introverted employees have something that they want to say, deep down.

Try doing a feedback form, or be a little more official and find some pulse survey software. However you handle it, make sure there are anonymous options so people feel comfortable really speaking their minds.

Time off

Just like flexibility, what’s one thing we all want more of? More time! Amen. Yes we do. 

Look at ways that you can be generous about giving people time off? I’ll tell you what we do in our company. We give people six weeks of paid vacation plus paid holidays plus something called downtime days. 

Now you might be asking what are downtime days? Downtime days are paid days off that you can use to clear your head by doing Yoga, meditation, visit the beach, etc.

Best tools

Another great motivator is having the best tools; for most of us, that means technology like computers and laptops. You’ve got to ensure that your people have the most up to date software and laptops and phones. Obviously, you do not have to upgrade every time something new comes out – that would be a little crazy. But the best tech not only helps people be more productive, but it also builds company pride and morale. 

Because you know this nothing is more demoralizing than trying to get something done and being stymied by how slow your computer is running. Unlike the other ideas, this one does cost money. However if you are regularly buying from the same supplier, there’s a really good chance you can negotiate a special price.

In Summary

So there you have it. Six super effective ideas to help you both attract and retain top talent within your business. Again, they are;

  • Flexibility
  • Acknowledgement
  • Challenging
  • Feedback
  • Time off
  • Best tools

I trust that you found these useful for your team.

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James Styles

James writes for a number of blogs and clients, across a range of industries. When not writing, he can be found camping, fishing or spending time with his family.

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