All You Need to Know Before Betting an Insurance

Insurance is an agreement between the insurance company and the individual. It helps an individual to be covered from any kind of future incidents. These incidents can be fatal for someone’s health or property. Insurance provides financial protection to risks and uncertainties. The main question which comes in anyone’s mind is that why you need insurance for something that is going to happen in the future.

Why Does Anybody Need an Insurance?

Everyone works hard to develop a stable financial root for its family and to protect themselves financially they acquire different insurances. Accidents and disaster can happen any time but the financial crisis they leave behind can make your life unstable. So, to have a peace of mind and securing your assets from a potential hazard is the right way forward. There are many small businesses like private cab businesses where a small incident can make you bankrupt. There are many private hire taxi insurance companies that provide security to the drivers and cab companies in case of any theft and accidents. Moreover, getting a taxi driving license requires to have protection for the general public and for taxi owners.

How Does an Insurance Work?

Before getting insurance, it is important to understand how insurance works. It is a legal contract between a person and an insurance company. That legal contract is known as the insurance policy. This policy gives you a detailed overview of the circumstances under which the insurance company would pay its clients the claimed amount. When getting any kind of insurance whether it’s the health, life or for your business, it is important to understand the policy. There are mainly three components of any insurance policy, premium, policy limit, and deductible.


Premium is the monthly cost of getting insurance. It’s the amount that is decided by the insurer based on the business risk or the profile of the insured. For example, a Private Hire Taxi Insurance might cost less than the insurance for public hire taxis. The main reason behind this could be that private taxis do not have to drive around the city to picking up unknows. They usually travel on long routes and are always pre-booked. But due to the highly competitive market, different companies might charge fewer premiums for the same policies. Whenever finalizing a policy, it is very important to research about different companies.

Policy Limit:

The policy limit is the maximum amount the insurance company would pay under a claim. This amount depends mainly on your insurance policy, so it is important to get the best coverage at the best price. There is a limit no matter how good your policy is it would cover only a certain amount. In order to understand a policy limit completely consider an example. You get insurance for your new car which costs you around five thousand at the time of purchase, but cars are subjected to wear and tear over the years. In case of an accident, you make a claim, but the policy of your insurance was based on the actual cash value of the car. So now you will not get the claim of five thousand you can only get the money which is equal to the market price of the car.


One more important thing while getting insurance is the deductible. A deductible is an amount that must be paid to the insurance company prior to making any claim. Deductibles are decided according to the per-policy or per-claim. A higher deductible can reduce the cost of the insurance this is because a higher amount to be paid by hand leads to fewer claims.

These are some of the main things to consider when getting insurance for more detail about insurance policies do visit cubit-insurance for further details.

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