Where to Go for Distant Cycling in Morocco

Morocco is a glamorous holiday destination having a diverse range of travel experiences for people come to spend their Summer/Winter Holidays. Morocco is a destination I personally want to recommend because I spend a lot of time there and can assure you that there are plenty of Activities in Morocco to inspire you during your vacation there. For the travelers visiting Morocco for the first time, Morocco embraces your visit and offers you diverse experiences in the

Top Cycling Destinations in Morocco:

There are a lot of destinations to have a cycling experience in Morocco but to specify, here are some of those places and some details along with them.

Some important things to know First:

Do you know which side of the road people rides a cycle in Morocco? It is the right side. This knowledge can get you to avoid any bad circumstances. I’m a journalist so once I interviewed a cyclist traveler who roamed across the border in many European states. He said He uses many proactive measures before Setting out for the distant cycling.

As you are intended to cycle during your stay in Morocco so it is something different from some common experiences every cyclist does face. You need to know the exact paths and the destinations you will cover on the cycle. In Morocco, there is also a threat of snatching and etc. So be careful, try to do that activity with the groups. There must be some local cyclist group you should search and meet with. You can match your schedule with them to escape any misadventure.

Get to know that you need a proper kit to be on the distant Cycling adventure. It is fun but with basic things to carry. Cyclists get into proper cycling kit first, pack their important things on the back to carry with them.

You must have a First Aid bag with you in your backpack. What else would work will be the food items like Banana, dry fruit, Water, and the jackets and important kits of Cycling. An athlete told me that Google Maps worked on his trip to cover most of the unknown routes in Europe, but would it work for Morocco? It depends. I guess no. Morocco is not a very progressive country, but a great holiday destination. You have to be careful during your vacations and enjoy your time there. You can take the cycling experience round the year in Morocco.

Ourikka, a famous Cycling and Hiking Destination Near Marrakech:

It is a very famous destination for travelers there for a cycling adventure. It is also famous for Hiking activity. If you are landed in Marrakech’s international airport, you are lucky to be there, because Ourikka is only 32 kilometers from Marrakech and you would be lucky to be the cyclist group to peddle across the Ourikka Valley.

During your ride, you will overview the life of the locals and the green beauties around. You will have stops on the way to Ourikka to get the refreshment on the local restaurants.

Marrakech to Imlil – Take out your best memories

If you are landed in Marrakech, you are at the right place to start your cycle trip. Marrakech itself is a very beautiful city, in fact, a red jewel of Morocco to explore.

Imlil is a small village on two almost 67km distance from Marrakech. Your first destination to explore is this beautiful and very scenic village. Remember you will be riding on the Atlas mountains and travelers who love cycling in this type of areas mostly come there, don’t worry you will not be alone, groups of cyclists mostly come to the place to have the ultimate adventures in the green natural places in a way to Imlil.

Imlil is so welcoming and you can complete your journey in one day, explore the city and can stay there in a local residence specified for guests to pay and stay. You will now head towards your chosen next destination but here is another suggestion for a cycling trip.

Ride your cycle in Tafroute’s Anti Atlas Mountains:

Now, this is not near to Marrakech. You have to get started from the heavens of Agadir. It is so beautiful destination to get cycling experiences at. How diverse would be a trip exploring the coastal and then natural beauties of the mountains Morocco have. Wow. There would be an interesting excursion if you are with your friends or a group of cyclists accompanying you in Morocco. I recommend this way of traveling by the way. It is somehow a very safe way of cycling in Morocco.

Exploring the beauties and the local attractions of Tafroute like the Blue rocks and the wall paintings and the other art pieces there is a famous activity there. You will have a lot of activities to have in the beautiful valley on earth, Terfroute in Morocco.

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