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Vaporizer Buying Guide 2020

The vape industry is getting more and more popular. The vaporizer world is continuously expanding in terms of technology and the kind of products offered for concentrate and dry herb consumers. It’s essential to understand your needs while choosing the right vaporizer since there are devices that you can find that will suit your needs. What is vaping? Vaping is the act of inhaling an aerosolized liquid or exhaling vapor produced by an electronic cigarette. Due to the high demand, the variety of vaporizers in the market is massive. There are several vapes for flowers and concentrates; therefore, knowing what you’re looking for is vital. For beginners, it can be overwhelming to decide the right vape. Newbie vaporizer users might want a unit that has one preset temperature to restrict their learning curve. On the other hand, intermediate users could be looking for devices with specific temperature control options, and expert users will need a device with full temperature control and several alternatives for the atomizer or heating element. Let’s dive in and get to know what you should take into consideration when buying a vaporizer with CBD Oil Vape Pens.

Vaping Needs


If you’re planning to have your sessions on the go with concentrate or dry herb, consider buying a portable unit as your first choice kind of vaporizer. However, if you need homebodies, you should opt for desktop units or e-nails. Taking into consideration your consumption needs and lifestyle will help you buy the right vape. Be sure to check our website for in-depth vaporizer guides and reviews.


Beginners should go for less expensive and less complicated models so as not to overburden themselves during their first purchase. Being able to use a vape device right is a great way to get ease in the world of vaping. Find out what you need when you want to upgrade your purchase. We recommend going for vaporizers that will fit your session types from a vaporizer online shop. Some of the excellent beginner vapes include light vaporizer pen CBD Vape Kit and ghost kit.



Knowing how much you’re willing to spend will help you narrow down what you need in a vaporizer. Ensure that you go through each product description to ensure that you’re purchasing a vaporizer that meets your budget.


Vape pens and portable pens cost way cheaper than any other device. They go as low as $20. These units are structured for on-the-go vaping and are mostly heated via conduction.

For “intermediate-range” vaporizers have a broad range of products and will be around $80-200. This is where you’ll start to observe temperature control and convection way of heating.

Premium vaporizers are anything above $200. Devices in this category have top advanced functionality and comprehensive warranties. Vaporizers over $200 are meant for experienced users since they can offer in-depth ways to experience materials.




Vaporizers have a well-earned reputation for efficiency. However, keep in mind that a rise in consumption can counteract this efficiency. Some vaporizers are considered more efficient than others, but this can be attained by maintaining the vaporization temperature low and the load small. By doing this, it refines the taste and produces more tasty and flavorful vapor.




Vaporizing can be quickly misunderstood; some users need to pay attention to discretion. Small portable vaporizers are gladly hidden, and some are structured to look like other items so as not to attract attention. Additional vaporizers are designed to mix into the décor, and can even draw pieces of art. If discretion is necessary to you, consider how easily and quickly the device can be put away.


Style of Vaporizers


There are two kinds of vaporizers: portable units and desktop units. Knowing your needs will help you distinguish the sort of device to buy.

  • Desktop Vaporizers. Desktop units have the potential to sieve out irritants and give full temperature control, making them regular among users who needed them for medicinal purposes. This style of vaporizer is the most expensive when you’re looking for the best vaporizer in 2020, as it offers more advanced heating styles and more power.
  • Vaporizer Pens. Vaporizer pens are commonly understated and easy-to-use devices, typically being controlled by one button with a quick heat up time. These devices can be dual-use, but mostly come equipped to manage concentrate consumption.
  • Portable Vaporizers. They are more potent than pen-style units and give more control over temperature and how you might experience your materials. The larger batteries allow them to have advanced heating systems and precision temperature control, all while still being portable.




Vaporizer warranties can vary quite a bit. When determining your purchase, ensure you’re okay with whatever warranty option is provided. Desktop vaporizers have the most extended warranty due to their” nature. Some portable units offer more extended warranties, but be clear on what is covered. Not every component of your device will be protected.


All that said, while discerning the best place to buy vaporizer online, consider checking DrDabber for amazing devices that are way within your budget. Having this in mind, always go for a device that fits your needs.

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