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How Cloud Computing Works

How Cloud Computing Works

You have a lot of things, I mean a lot of files, files, videos, music podcasts, and eBooks and constantly you find the problem of finding space for all your stuff, no longer what ever existed in the realm of science fiction. Become a reality through cloud computing. All your stuff can be put away on the boundless space of the World Wide Web rather than on the constrained space of PC hard drives.

As cloud computing works, the versatility and power of cloud computing have a deep impact on corporate performance and for personal computing.

I will explain what cloud computing is, how cloud computing works and what are the advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with an explanation about where your things are stored. Cloud computing is the storage of data and applications on remote servers and access them over the Internet instead of saving or installing them on your personal or office computer. The term cloud is used because data and applications are stored in a cloud or in a collection of web servers and computers owned by a third party elsewhere. The cloud can be retrieved through the cloud computing systems interface software that can be as simple as using a web-based service that hosts all the applications and files you would need for your work or personal life.

The cloud is being used not only to store data, but also as an economical, efficient and flexible alternative to the purchase, execution and maintenance of internal computer equipment and software. The cloud gives you the ability to work anyplace at any time because your information is always within your reach. Cloud computing example is an online email account that logs into a web email account remotely through a browser, but the storage of your account does not exist on your computer, it belongs to the cloud of email providers now that you have an understanding of what the cloud computing system is.

How your things are stored on Cloud

I will describe how your things are stored. The cloud computing architecture consists of two parts: the front and the back. that are connected by Internet, the front end represents the computer that you, as a client, consider that this side requires you to access the cloud computing system, since it can be as simple as using an Internet browser or using software Unique interface that allows you to access the cloud. The back end of a cloud computing system is made up of computer servers and data storage systems. They store all your files and information. This is the part that does basically everything. There is a central server that manages system observing traffic and customer demands to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This central server follows a collection of rules referred to as protocols. The central server also uses software called middleware that allows computers on the network to interconnect with each other naturally. Cloud computing companies create and redundancy where they keep multiple backup copies of their work in case of problems. However, the more customers have more storage space. They need for cloud computing companies to require at least twice as many storage devices to store all their customer information.

But why choose cloud computing as a viable option for data storage because cloud computing applications are unlimited? First, the use of cloud computing allows you to access your applications and data from anywhere as long as you can connect to the cloud through the Internet. Second, with the movement of your files to the web, you no longer have to pay for expensive high-memory computers, you simply need a device that is powerful enough to run the necessary middleware to connect to the system in the cloud. Third, in an enterprise-wide environment, when using the cloud, your employer will not need to purchase software or software licenses for each employee, but will pay a fee to a cloud computing company to allow all of its employees to access a set of online software for servers and digital storage takes up physical space. You may have to rent, cloud computing companies store their data in their hardware so that no physical space is needed in the front. If software and hardware rationalization will reduce IT problems and costs, finally, the back-end of cloud computing systems is a computer network. You may be able to take advantage of the combined processing power of networks to speed up operations, however, even with all these benefits.

There are a unit still potential issues, the 2 biggest considerations area unit security and privacy. You are delivering your important data to another company to keep an eye on not only that if you have the ability to log in to your files and applications from anywhere. Your privacy may be compromised once the data gets out of hand, websites and cloud computing services can be hacked, but there is still hope that cloud computing companies will live and die for your reputation and reliability. Therefore, they do their best to protect your files, but you also need to protect yourself with authentication techniques such as usernames and difficult passwords, do not reuse or share your passwords on different websites and backup files, either in a service in the different cloud or on a hard drive just in case something happens. There are also authorization practices. Where it lists the people authorized to access certain information stored in the system in the cloud. For example, an employee can only use certain applications stored in the cloud. Which are relevant to your work, an additional concern is the effect that cloud computing will have on the IT industry. Cloud computing can optimize computer systems by reducing maintenance and repair. Therefore, all IT work will be moved to the system backend.

Infrastructure of cloud computing

The infrastructure of cloud computing is very expensive, so companies start charging monthly or annual fees. When you want to store more than a few gigabytes of data. You can easily reach your limit right in the middle of the transfer. The approximately one hundred photos he took of his children’s pets and meals that week, of course, is likely that the error message that says he has run out of space is accompanied by instructions. On how you can buy more, in addition, Internet service providers can implement bandwidth limits. They limit the amount of data you can transfer through your network each month. When you exceed the limit, providers will start charging you fees, slow down your connection or cut your service. This could certainly impair your ability to load and recover in the cloud.


In short, cloud computing is about storing your stuff on remote servers instead of on your computers or other devices. This information can be accessed through the Internet with any device anywhere in the world, provided that device is compatible with the cloud computing system. The cloud computing system consists of a front-end that is the client side and a back-end. Which is the collection of servers and computers owned by a third party that stores its data on a central server. Which is part of the backend follows protocols and uses middleware to communicate between networked computers. Finally, although cloud computing reduces the cost of IT, it increases processing power and allows you to access your files anywhere using moderately priced device security privacy usage rates and bandwidth limits continue being problems that must be addressed. We are on the verge of a revolution Cloud computing is everywhere with tools like Google Drive that replaces the Microsoft Office banking websites that replace the Dropbox branches that store all our data and files. Cloud computing is now ready to store your stuff.

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