Four easy ways to get more likes on social media

Social media advertising can be very challenging if you’re unsure on how to write engaging content. The one of the biggest benefits of social media is that it can produce an immediate, positive action. To create that kind of response, you need to be able to do more than just catch the reader’s attention, but you have to actively trigger that response. If you can do that, then you have a high chance to leave him with a positive impression of the product or service that you offer.

Know your audience

The main thing to remember when creating content is that your first job is to win over your followers hearts and loyalty. That’s usually fairly easy once you understand your audience, but doing some initial research can make a huge difference. Having a full understanding of the problem that you’re trying to solve for your customer can help you with writing more relatable content.

Timing is everything

Timing can be one of the most important factors when trying to evoke a specific emotionally response or engagement from your followers. That also means that you have to consider the time that they’re willing to spend reading your content before moving on. Studies show that not only the time, but frequency of your post will have a huge impact on overall engagement. If you over-post on Facebook for example, then there is a high chance that your follower count will decrease with every new ‘unwanted’ post that they see (How often should I post on Facebook).

The right response for the right audience.

With social media advertising, you want to provoke a action (like or share your post for example). And to do that, you must accomplish two important objectives:

1. You evoke a emotional response
2. You provide a fact/unknown piece of information that persuades them to engage

Keeping these points in mind, can make a huge difference on the engagement rates of your post. Even simple changes to your wording can make a positive difference. Also don’t be afraid to lead the reader into the direction that you want to move. A good example is that the best viral post usually always ask a question. The reason is because a question gets the reader to think about a topic that you decide on.

Be approachable

Focusing your social media away from just direct product marketing has shown that it can result in a more loyal customer base. Don’t be afraid to share related content from other websites / business, or anything else that will get your followers engaged on your page. This does not only help with overall customer retention rates, but this stronger type of ‘bond’ also helps with passive customer reach. Your new social media content will seem less of a selling technique, but more of a brand that your customer wants to see more of.

One of the most essential rules of marketing is that emotional triggers can affect the flow of your customers engagement. If you’re aware of this beforehand though, then having that knowledge can be one of your strongest tools for success. Taking a closer look at your social media marketing strategy and possibly applying some of these best practice tips, will hopefully have you seeing a higher post engagement soon.

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