Do you Run these Software’s in your Company for Better Management?

As per a report of the Project Management Institute, project management initiatives help companies to save as much as 28 times money. 

The same is directly accredited to the reliability of the output produced under such management. 

Owing to this feature, practice management software are now deemed vital to run a business effectively, including a successful CA practice. 

Consequently, it is also crucial that CA practitioners use quality software to improve the efficiency of their business venture.

For instance, the following are among the top project management software CAs should consider investing –

  • Zoho One

This particular practice management software is one of the most extensive tools in the market that facilitates both business and its system management. 

It comprises over 40 business apps that help to run the entire organisation on one operating system. It further facilitates the task of storing important document online and sharing them at ease.


Both established and start-up CA firms tend to find quite efficient to track specific work amidst a bulk of projects. 

The management software allows firms to sync the aspects of project management and customer management at one place. 

Other than these, its key features facilitate the process of billing and streamlining communication with real-time updates.

Regardless, it must be noted that individuals would require substantial funds to start a CA firm and equip it with quality project management or practice management software.

As an attempt to enable the same, you may avail a Loan for Chartered Accountants from reputed NBFC like Bajaj Finserv that offer substantial credit at affordable interest rates. 


Any individual equipped with the A-Z of practice management tools would vouch for the significant role this company management system plays in managing business operations. 

The software comes with CRM support and also helps to track expenses, generate invoices and access data proficiently. has been widely used in fields like marketing, consulting, management, medical and several technical fields.

  • Bitrix24

Bitrix24 comes with an internal social network that facilitates quick and easy collaboration. 

It not only allows the users to handle project seamlessly but also helps manage important documents and other vital communication tools. 

The project management software can be accessed on iPad, iPhone and Android as well.   

  • Odoo

This multi-faceted queue management software finds its application for purposes like CRM, e-commerce, human resources, project handling, PoS, sales, warehouse and accounting. 

It facilitates a complete synchronisation of several apps that helps to automate business processes efficiently. 

Users will further be able to establish real-time communication that will directly create a better scope of improving and expanding their collaboration.

  • Timecamp

Undoubtedly one of the popular names in the list of management software, Timecamp is known for its multiple features and associated benefits. 

Not only does this tool come with a time and attendance tracking feature but also extends options like productivity monitoring, synchronisation with project management and accounting, among others. 

Also, it extends the ease of accessibility as its desktop version and mobile apps can be availed across several devices. 

By using practice management software in your management strategies, you will be able to manage your firm efficiently and successfully. 

In the case you have been delaying their installation on account of finances, remember that you can seek assistance for the same. 

Also, availing quality management software is deemed to be one of the potent reasons why you should consider a chartered accountant loan for your firm.

Judging by the value such management software has in helping a start-up or mid-size venture flourish, it is vital that practising CAs or beginners incorporate the same into their management plan as well. 

Additionally, it should be noted that the choice of such software must be based upon the size and scale of the venture as well as the needs of the same.

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