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Anything that promotes your product or services in order to increase awareness and sales is termed as Marketing. It is the key factor of any successful business venture because “Jo dikhta hain wahi toh dikhta hain”.

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Beginning from door to door marketing, we are currently in the era of in-house marketing or online marketing. With the increasing competition in almost all the field, business has gone tough. Papa Marketing has tried to make your way towards success pretty easy by introducing 4 new technology in Digital Marketing using which you can reach your customers at your niche.


SEO is not a new technology, but Google news is a new weapon recently added in the list of SEO tools. It is a platform that collects and publishes top headlines, top stories, editors pick, weather forecast and more from more than 50,000 sources covering entire globe. It is a great way to get top ranking in 1 day as it is one of the most trusted search engine vertical and hence enlarges the scope of business value.

Some of its best features includes:

  •         Strict standards: Your site is examined in every six weeks to check the credibility and authenticity of the journalistic articles.
  •         Increase Reliability of your domain: Once you are listed in the google news vertical professionals starts relying on the relevant quality content shared by you and hence increases your                 visibility
  •          Huge Burst of Traffics: Listing in the Google news allows other sites to link to your article that brings you the best visitors and bumps your search ranking.


Search Engine Marketing is a strategic Marketing Innovation utilized to increase the visibility and improve the ranking of the website on Search Engine Result Pages. It is also known as the most effective marketing technique to promote your product/service and grow your business in the competent marketplace where your competition is with millions. In SEM, advertiser pays each time the search made by people leads to a visit to your site in other words advertisers bid on the keywords that users looking for the similar product/service have the higher probability to use. Some of its Benefits Includes:

High Conversion Rates: SEM is known best for its high conversion rates at relatively low investment. It is often observed that its cost fluctuates depending on the business you are promoting but overall it is very cost effective.

Minimal Effect on Blocked Ads: As the ads blocking technologies are on a new hike but it affects SEM the least. You can still display your ads and reach out your target audience.

Track your audience: SEM gives you access to the tools to track your audience in the real-time, using which you can make required changes, close the campaign if ROI is not up to expectations or you can boost your campaign if it exceeds the expectations.

 We offer the following SEM Services:

  •         Search Ads,
  •         Social Media Ads
  •         Display Ads
  •         Remarketing Ads
  •         Mobile App Ads
  •         Google Shopping Ads
  •         Keyword Search
  •         Ad Creation


Social Media Marketing as the name suggest is marketing via Social Media. It is much wider platform than it seems. It is a fantastic tool to improve communication with users by obtaining real feedback on social networks by engaging users through various online activities, encouraging visitors to share it with their friends, tag their friends and they can leave comments on the basis of their experience. It depends highly on quality of content.


SMM can be done in two ways:

Active SMM promotion:  It allows you to add links in the content of the website and directing user towards Social Sites.

 Passive SMM Promotion: It is the way to engage your users by posting images, blogs,     tweets, videos, articles or surveys and thereby improving their brand experience based on the users’ reaction.

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We work on the following Social Sites in SMM Promotion activities:

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • YouTube


Social Media Optimization as the name suggest is the way to optimize social media channels in order to get the top ranking. It works on a very simple concept of optimizing the site in a comprehensive manner that makes it easily available on social media search results in custom searches. It is vital tool to enhance the performance SEO. SMO is a strategic tool, it increases your site visibility, improves ranking, allows easy tagging and bookmarking, promotes your product, connects you with users and creates brand awareness.

Papa Marketing Offers you with the following inclusions:

 On-site SMO

RSS Feed

Sharing or Link Buttons

Users Rating/Feedback


Visitor engagement techniques

Off-Site SMO


Press Release

Viral Advertising

Joining Social Networks and more

Success no doubts needs a professional support as it not only takes your investment but along with your time and efforts. Every Business dreams of reaching the peak of the market and we help you by our expertise and promising services with in depth knowledge in the field of Online Promotions.

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