A look at the kind of content used in content marketing

Everyone should know that around 53% of companies use content marketing as a component of their digital marketing strategies. If companies are overlooking content marketing, then they are missing out on a Valuable component of digital marketing which helps bring in leads and prospective customers.

Content marketing – What is it?

According to renown internet marketing specialist from a renown digital marketing agency based in Markham, Ontario; content marketing is basically making and distributing top quality material across numerous online channels. 

Among them are blog posts, articles, videos, images, infographics, e-books, guides and the like.

Content in them is then boosted online to raise consumer awareness and interest in a company’s products & services. It is also used as an essential way of boosting search engine optimization (SEO) to make it successful.

Any organization intending to rank itself at the top of internet search results need to make top-quality content that is in-depth and relevant to the firm itself, the industry and the target audience.

What should be understood about content marketing?

It is important to know that not all content used in content marketing is oriented for sales. It is also used to provide information helpful to the target in meaningful ways, such as learning about the products and services, corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and the like. In the end, those who are interest will contact the company for more information.

For example: Suppose someone searches the internet for the Ford Ranger by typing ‘Ford Ranger Pickup Truck’, and then the results come in related to the pickup and the search term (known as keyword). The user will see many results but not all of them pertain to just selling it.

Some of them provide information about the pickup truck, some are mechanics, some are buyers, sellers, modifiers, sell its parts, an owner’s forum and the like. If the search results had Ford Motor Company present in it then it is the company’s goal to inform users about its usage, maintenance, price and other key information.

The kinds of content used in Content Marketing

When people think about content, the only thing coming to their mind is blogging which is itself an effective way of making and sharing content. But that isn’t the only form of content around. Many other mediums fall under content marketing too.

Hence, here are the common types of content used in content marketing which drive results and are meaningful for use in business:

    • Blogs: They are a popular way of sharing information with the target audience. When businesses create a blog, they write it and post it periodically and timely. It is also one of the best ways to driving traffic to a website.
    • E-books: They provide the audience with a lot of interesting information. They are often written on a certain topic which the target audience can read with ease. The content written in them is in-depth (which completely covers all aspects of the topic it is about). It helps audiences properly understanding the topic in spotlight. Organizations often create them and offer them to their clients in exchange for contact information.
    • Infographics: They are visual images that present data & information in an easily understandable manner. They are quite popular because it helps organizations present statistical facts easily and the audience understands facts & figures in a fun manner.


  • Long-form content: This kind of content gives the audience comprehensive information on any topic. They are not as online guides, but they do inform the audience more than a blog does.
  • Online Guides: They are often written with a thorough analysis allowing the audience to have a deep understanding of any topic. They are also offered as downloadable content giving the audience an authentic source of information on any topic.


  • Videos: Videos today are the most popular kind of content these days and such is visible with the popularity of YouTube. They are an effective way for businesses conducting online marketing activities and are also an excellent medium for sharing information swiftly.
  • Website pages/SEO copy: They are crucial content pages as they are part of a website. They are also known as an SEO copy as they include the about us, pricing, product, contact us pages and vice versa.
  • Webinars: They are among the best opportunities an organization has in sharing their knowledge and expertise with the target audiences. They are conducted live on the internet through video.


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