8 Tips to Overcome the Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is common, every write comes across this phase when you have to juggle between the words and the ideas. The time when you face the mental block and that block resist you to write.

This writer’s block impacts your consistency, performance and makes you run out of the tasks. So, you should know how to overcome it.

If you don’t know, these tips will you out to overcome writer’s block.

  1. Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard

If you’re running out of words and pushing yourself hard to write it then you’re doing an injustice to yourself. This impacts the quality of your work and doesn’t bring out the best from you. So, in this situation take a break and relax.

Instead of pushing yourself to write, divert your mind through reading some interesting stories. This will take your mind off from typing on the keyboard continuously and making your brain work.

 2. Set Yourself a Deadline


Sometimes writers can relax knowing that they have a lot of time left, especially the Freelancers. In this scenario, setting a deadline will work wonders. By using task management software you can set deadlines for all the tasks of the day.

Knowing that the managers or editors are waiting for your work will push you to do work before the deadline. You can also set reminders for your tasks so you can always stay on top of the closing date.

3. Keep a Notebook with You 


A writer is always having the ideas on his mind while traveling, eating, playing or attending meetings so keeping a notebook will let you jot down all the ideas at one place.


The idea collection will help you to find the topic when you run out of ideas and don’t feel like writing.

4. Change your Place

Sitting on your desk for 8 to 9 hours straight creates the mental block and makes you think nothing about it.

Be it a coffee shop, standing up from your desk, or a nature-friendly space, the change of the environment will stimulate your thoughts and make you feel good about it. A green space will be more great in rebuilding your focus and making it work in your favor.

5. Talk with your Coworkers


Whenever you feel that you’re stuck in a rut and words aren’t coming to you, try taking help from the coworker sitting next to you. You can discuss with him some out of context stories to divert your mind or ask them for a little help to guide you about the topic.


Discussion is a great exercise to divert your mind and bringing back your focus to work. If you can’t find any relevant colleague, you can also call your friend and talk with him.

6. Write your Mind Out

When you don’t feel like writing, keep writing, be it crap or something worth reading. Take any text editor online and breathe out your thoughts. This will free your mind from the frustration and declutter it for new thoughts.

You can also make it an online task of writing 500 words daily no matter what those are. When your mind is actively engaged in the present that’s the only time when you can write creatively.

7. Measure the Results

When you think about the aftereffects of writing, it can also persuade you to accomplish your goal. For example, one motivation can be your audience. When you know what your audience is waiting for your blog or you’ll meet with your family after completing the work then it can also push you to write and overcome your mental block.

Next time when you face a writer’s block, know the things that you will achieve with your work and notice that you will start working more.

8. Work on Another Project


If you work on two projects at a time you can easily manage the writer’s block and in between the task management, you can learn how to deal with the mental block.

Working on two projects will make you shift to another when you are unable to focus on the first one.

These eight tips above will help you to deal with the writer’s block so you can complete your tasks efficiently while not wasting time.

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